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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Solid SOAP

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Shopto as well. I think the problem with Amazon and pre-orders is that they usually dispatch to get it to you on the Friday rather than the Wednesday or Thursday.

Shopto are being a bit of a pain as they wont depatch to my work address as I have only used them once before. Is there any way around this?

Christ, and people say online shopping is easy!

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Blah, I'll be getting this a whole MONTH (and a week) before I get my Wii. So whilst you're all prancing about with Zelda, I'll be fawning over the golden Wiimote and soundtrack... I'll be miffed if I see the limited edition fully stocked come Christmas.

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Well you never know. Those Star Wars figures that cost a few quid back then are worth £100s now... then again, they didn't have LIMITED EDITION plastered all over it.

Hope the soundtrack is up to scratch, is there a track listing somewhere on the internet?

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My wife was asking this the other day - how much of this limited stuff is worth anything.

Only game that I can think of is the Bioshock edition with statue - seems to go for a few quid on ebay. Steel Battalion is worth pretty much what it cost at launch. The One Piece games are worth a fortune but thats down to a low print run.

Must admit, I wouldnt sell my mario dsi xl for anything - that does seem quite rare.

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This may well get negged to fuck, but it felt really restrictive going back to using Z to reset the camera all the bloody time again and I was dying to move the camera with more control while I was on the trot. It's a smidgen close as well. And it's bizarre seeing Link's arm statically out in front while he's moving with the sword out (yeah, cause mine is, it still looks weird). Oh, and some of the little sound effects like the secret opening thing (if that was indeed it) weren't as good as they used to be. I can't think of anything pettier than that :)

It was still great though, pre-order not cancelled!

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Review embargo lifts in less than 30mins. Check this post for the reviews,

EDGE - 10


GamesTM - 9


ONM - 98%


G4 - 4/5


Guardian - 5/5


Giantbomb - 4/5


1UP - B+


Wired - 10


Joystiq - 4.5/5


Shacknews - Recommended


IGN - 10


Gamepro - 4/5


EGM - 8.5


CVG - 9.8


GameInformer - 10


Metro - 10


Gamesradar - 9


Kotaku - Recommended



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If this leaks today I might well just shut down my work computer and march straight home. And then I can still be excited for the actual release for the lovely All-in-one motion plus controller rather than the slightly awkward add on.

What's the weight distribution like on those new Wii Mote plus ones?

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