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Shadow Complex Aug 19th 1200 points

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2 codes posted up already. And yes, I checked, they're both already gone.

He said he's posting more later, but I honestly wouldn't bother

* He has over 50k followers

* Posted the code as a picture in 2 parts so you couldn't copy paste

* Posted both codes with a letter/number missing you have to find out through trial and error

* Xbox.com died under the weight of all us freeloaders trying it

I just wanted it a bit early, but I'll wait until tomorrow :D

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I've got some codes to giveaway too! Just like MajorNelson I've omitted some of the characters so you'll need to guess them! Simply replace each of the question marks with any letter or digit.

Here goes!!


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For people looking for cheap points for tomorrow, ShopTo have just restocked their instant delivery codes.


It's only 2 quid cheaper than getting them direct via the XBox Marketplace, but still not bad.

And there's no waiting for a daft piece of plastic to come through the post

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