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Shadow Complex Aug 19th 1200 points

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1 minute ago, Alan Stock said:


So do you think Shadow Complex has aged well then? I was thinking I might just have liked it so much because at the time it was the first good metroidvania we'd seen since Metroid Prime. I don't know if it ever did that well in sales in the end, it was download only, right?

I think it has yeah, it holds up well by today's standards. I quite like the melee attacks and the action hero style of it, has a pretty forgiving difficulty curve too, and I never get bored of taking enemies out with grenades. I think it is download only, I'm playing it on Xbox One.


I think it's best to turn the blue line off on the map, the one showing you where to go, it feels much more Metroidy that way. 


It reminds me a bit of the later Counter Spy, I loved that too although it wasn't a Metroidvania, great game.

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Completed it last year, the first Metroidvania-genre game I've ever put much time into, very impressed by it. I should probably play some more, maybe even a game from the series which this sub-genre is named after.

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On 20/09/2009 at 19:27, ZOK said:

Typically, as soon as I knew I was supposed to jump up it I got up first time!

Anyway, how cool is the

Hidden Content


The Hidden Content in question was me talking about dead bodies floating in a flooded section.


It obviously impressed me a lot at the time, but today I don’t remember it at all. My poor brain!

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