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A Summer Mixtape I made


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In lieu of the monthly mix clubs, I'm assuming this is ok to post up - I'll happily take it down if not.

I put together a mix CD of summer music for the car and thought some people here might like it too. It's a mixture of sweet soul, reggae, afrobeat, Tropicalia, disco-jazz, gospel, scorching latin funk and some other similar stuff too; both classic and contemporary. It's not mixed or anything fancy, just 13 tracks I think work well together and should be good for the summer months:

  1. Tracklist:
    Darondo - Didn't I (3:29)
    Stevie Wonder - If You Really Love Me (2:59)
    Al Brown - Here I Am Baby (4:13)
    Jay Mitchell & The Mitchellites - I Am The Man For You Baby (2:51)
    Gilberto Gil - O Canto da Ema (6:23)
    Clifford Nyren - Keep Running Away (Egon's Edit) (4:22)
    Mighty Walker Brothers - God Been Good To Me (3:02)
    The 3rd Generation Band - Because of Money (5:47)
    Extra Golden - Gimakiny Akia (7:45)
    Frankie Dante - My Daddy's Farm (4:11)
    Idris Muhammad - Could Heaven Ever Be Like This (8:37)
    Nomo - Nu Tones (3:40)
    Grupo Batuque - E Ruim (Zero db Remix) (7:35)

Download Link - 112mb .rar

I'll probably end up making some more as the season progresses to keep myself with fresh things to listen to, if anyone is interested I'll post them up.

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That Extra Golden song is fantastic. Can you recommend an album?

To be honest, I've only heard their latest "Thank You Very Quickly". It's a good album, Gimakiny Akia is probably my favourite track from it but there's a great atmosphere running throughout; haven't really heard anything similar before in how it fuses Western and African musical influences so seamlessly.

You can stream samples from their albums here and you can download Anyango from the album here.

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You should, I'd definitely give it a spin.

Thanks to everyone who's downloaded the mix, I'll try and add which albums/compilations these came from originally next week (my MP3 tags are a bit busted at the moment after moving to a new HDD).

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