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The never ending Edgeventures of Tim Langdell

Alex W.

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Sometimes, when I'm troubled, I'll go over to TTABVUE, put "edge games" in the search box, and reassure myself that, yes, Tim Langdell is still trying to do his thing, and therefore there are at least some constants in the universe.


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It looks like's currently tangled in legal cases against Future and Razer.

He is also now going by Rev. Dr.

I just saw this on another forum:


How long until he trademarks the word zen

Rev. Tim is an ordained Christian Priest as well as being a long-time Zen practitioner. An Oxford born Brit, Tims primary career is as a Pediatric and Palliative Chaplain working in the Los Angeles area. His work includes ministering to the pastoral care needs of patients in hospitals and in hospices, and he has held several staff and per diem chaplain positions are various hospitals and hospices in Southern California. Prior to re-training as a chaplain some years ago, Tim had a career both as a psychologist (he has both an MA from Nottingham University and PhD in Psychology from University College London) but also as a professor of both psychology and of digital media. His MDiv is from Claremont School of Theology.

Tim is passionate about Christian-Buddhist dialogue, and runs the websites www.ChristBuddha.org and www.MettaMaria.org, the website he founded to explore the creation of a kids hospice in Southern California founded on both Christian and Zen values, practices and ethics (the topic of his Upaya Cohort 6 thesis). His organization, Still Center, provides meditation instruction, workshops, retreats and spiritual direction (www.stillcenter.org). Tim is a published author, his most recent book being the one he wrote for Praeger with his wife on the spiritual and psychological effects of coping with vision loss. He is currently working on several new works, both non fiction books on spirituality and pastoral care as well as his first novel.

Tim is a member of the Zen Center of Los Angeles as well as of Upaya Zen Center. He can be reached at RevTimLangdell@gmail.com

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3 minutes ago, Blu3Flame said:


Those are great, but the one I'm thinking of was on TV, possibly Netflix or BBC. I think it's mentioned in this thread somewhere.

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