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The never ending Edgeventures of Tim Langdell

Alex W.

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Bloody hell, look what Langdell was claiming the Edge trademark for!

'Videogames, augmented reality headsets, disc storage cases (CD and DVD), web-cameras, backpacks, magazines (videogames, pop culture, business, education...) board games, clothing, fashion, note paper, bumper stickers, pencils ... '

and lastly

'mugs and cups'

fucking lol

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On or about January 29,2003, Registrant or its predecessor submitted a comic book cover as the specimen associated with its application. On information and belief, that particular specimen dated back to a comic book series published in the early 1990s that had been discontinued.

Roskelld, take a bow. Re "use" of the second comic book trademark (Cutting Edge) being revealed as a similar lie:

Petitioners’ information and belief are based on its factual investigation and information obtained from third-party sources.

EDIT: Ohhhhhhh fuck, they’ve got him on the Edge cover mock-up too! This is brilliant!

EDIT: And at the end of the document they call him out on being a massive liar. :D

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Any ideas when/where?

Time to Answer: 10/27/09

Deadline for Discovery Conference: 11/26/09

Discovery Opens: 11/26/09

Initial Disclosures Due: 12/26/09

Expert Disclosures Due: 4/25/10

Discovery Closes: 5/25/10

Plaintiff's Pretrial Disclosures: 7/9/10

Plaintiff's 30-day Trial Period Ends: 8/23/10

Defendant's Pretrial Disclosures: 9/7/10

Defendant's 30-day Trial Period Ends: 10/22/10

Plaintiff's Rebuttal Disclosures: 11/6/10

Plaintiff's 15-day Rebuttal Period Ends: 12/6/10

In theory anyway. If history is anything to go by, expect correspondance to and from Edge Games to get lost in the post...

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So presumably also at some point Dr Tim is going to be dragged through the streets and given a public flogging by EA's lawyers wielding big black rubber cocks with 'EDGE' written on them and being forced to wear a sandwich board with 'Pwned' on it.

Any ideas when/where?

Thanks for that, I had a giggling fit at my desk at this mental image and had to style it out as 'a funny email from a friend'

EDIT: Can somebody Photoshop this up please? It would make my year.

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Do you reckon he will respond?

Previously he has ducked, weaved and delayed these things. But this is EA.

I suspect he'll spout his usual lies (for example, he'll try to pretend that laughable Edge magazine cover wasn't a fake, or simply ignore the point), and then reach the height of irony and hypocrisy by claiming that EA is trying to bully him into rescinding his rightful trademarks.

The difference is that this time he's up against a proper lawyer. If I was EA, I wouldn't settle (there's bound to be a point where Langdell admits defeat, gives the trademarks away in a confidential settlement, then tries to convince the court of public opinion that he "won" regardless) - I'd see this in court.

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