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Ridley Scott's Prometheus - Sequel gets new writer

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Look on the positive side - the chances of you getting the script even read was remote (nothing against your abilities as a writer but how many bedroom scriptwriters have tried writing their own version of Alien?) so at least now you can alter it into a non-franchise specific space horror script.

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I wonder if Eric Red had any concept that his script would have to actually become a movie at some stage. What, pray tell, does an "alien, insectile moo" sound like?

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That script... there are so many spelling and other errors in it, never mind the fact that's a pile of toss.

What the fuck?

Yeah but it's well sexy

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BA sits in the van. HANNIBAL enters through the sliding side door. An ALIEN MOSQUITO buzzes around BA's head.

BA: "I ain't gettin on no damn dropship..."

BA reaches for his space glass of space milk and drinks. He cuts his space lip on a chip in it. He bleeds ACID.

The acid sizzles through the glass. HANNIBAL looks up as BA turns his head towards him.
He opens it’s mouth and a strange set of
piledriver, fanged, jackhammer jaws snap at the mans chest. He falls
back as BA emits an Alien, insectile FOOOOOOO'. Legs burst out the
side of his ribbed cage as it’s spine jerks and splits in showers of
gold chains and acid. IT rears up on six legs, moving towards HANNIBAL as he
clambers to his feet and runs screaming hysterically out of there. The
cigar-chomping motherfucker slams closed to door the van. The Alien BA hurls itself
against the door again and again.

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The end of Aliens would have been different.

INT. CARGO LOCK										 196

The Queen spins at the sound of door motors behind her.
The parting doors REVEAL an inhuman silhouette standing

And sitting in THE POWER LOADER. Like medieval armor with the power of
a bulldozer. He takes a step...the massive foot
CRASH-CLANGS to the deck. He takes another, advancing.

BA's expression is one you hope you'll never see...
Hell hath no fury like that of a bad mutha protecting his
child, and that primal, murderous rage surges through him
now, banishing all fear.

Yeah, this is what I made in the welding montage, sucka!
Get away from her, fool!

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					   THE FACE
The welding montage is terminated,
Murdoch. You'll keep BA in
the van until he can return with us to the airport.

Thank you for flying miracle airlines, where lady luck is your co-pilot.

(with cold satisfaction)
I love it when a plan c-c-c-c--

As THE FACE begins to stammer, his eyes betray a terrible consternation. He
rises from the chair, lurches forward, catching himself on his hands. The
C-C-C-C-C phases into a chattering palsy as a thick strand of blood-streaked
drool descends toward the table. MURDOCH, seated to his left, has instinctively
shoved his own chair back, ready to run. Everyone else is frozen with shock.

As the chittering tooth-burr becomes a shrill SHRIEK of inhuman rage, the
transformation takes place. Segmented golden chains squirm beneath the
skin of his arms. His hands claw at one another, tearing redundant flesh from
ring-glad fists. Then the shriek dies. He straightens up.

And, rips his face apart in a single movement, the glistening gold coming
away with skin, eyes, muscle, teeth, and splinters of bone... SOUND of ripping
cloth. The New BA sheds its human skin in a single sinuous, bloody ripple,
molting on fast forward.

An instant of utter silence as the mohawk moves. From side to side.

I'm sorry, that was just shit. I wanted to join in. :)

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From Tony Scott via Comingsoon

The movie people are probably the most interested in is the rumoured Untitled Alien Prequel that was discussed heavily last week. Scott had told another site that director Carl Rinsch was going to be directing it, but then just a few days ago Entertainment Weekly reported that in fact, no director had been signed and that 20th Century Fox was holding out hope that Tony's brother Ridley Scott would be directing. "I'm going to call a time out on that one," he halted us when asked about it today, though he still seemed optimistic things would work out. "I don't want to get caught in the middle. We're in process on that, but I don't have enough information to bring it to this table, but we're going to make it."

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Ridley Scott Confirmed as DIRECTOR!

After months of rumor and speculation, Variety confirms that 20th Century Fox plans to keep the "Alien" franchise alive with a prequel film that will be directed by original helmer Ridley Scott. The announcement that Fox has hired a writer comes just two months after the 30th Anniversary of Scott's original sci-fi horror film which launched a series of movie sequels, a number of comic books, and two movies that pit the Aliens against Fox's other creature franchise, the Predator. Screenwriter Jon Spaihts has been hired to write the prequel after the studio was impressed by his work on two space thrillers, both for Keanu Reeves, called Passengers and Shadow 19.


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I'm in two minds about this. A part of me thinks there's no one better qualified than Scott to do justice to a prequel, and yet the vast majority of his recent output just doesn't interest me. Can he somehow recapture whatever spark he had when making 'Alien'?

But I'm still against the 'need' for a prequel.

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A prequel is a bad idea. There's no way they can come up with an origin for the space pilot thing that is anywhere near as satisfying as the mystery. I hope they don't make this, to be honest.

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Reading the book 'Blockbuster' last week it showed Scott was under immense pressure on Alien, with practically everything questioned during the production, fights with the crew, with the actors. But the film was an intense ride. With Scott now having a huge amount of experience and clout, I wonder if this is just too easy a project for him to slide along with.

Why do we need to know where they came from anyway? I always liked that they just turned up.

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