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yes a 1970's JVC Videosphere - actually very reliable, they are not attached to the base so they can also be hung !

i've used the white one in the kitchen for the last 8 years - and they're super cool, im thinking about internally mounting a digital receiver into the base when the analogue signal gets switched off.

Help, where could I find one of those TV's now ?

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Vespa Alex, from personal experience of stuff in the loft, I'd heartily recomment you bag all that stuff up. Just incase something happens to your old roof and it leaks!

Ouch, that doesn't sound good.

As it happens I've moved house in the last few weeks so I now have a shiny new roof (though that's no guarantee of being leak free I'm sure) covering it all.

I've re-sorted everything and have most of the games in storage boxes now and I want to get some plastic dust sheets to keep things a bit cleaner.

I'm not sure whether to get rid of the megadrive and master system stuff or not, as I'm pretty unlikely to ever use them unlike some of the other systems.

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I got fed up of having consoles all over the place and a rats nest of cables, especially around the retro tv. So along with my current gen setup I decided to do something about it. Simple, does the job nicely although I'm still working on what do to with the actual games and controllers etc. All the video and power leads are wrapped in spiral wrap to keep them tidy. This will probably be the long standing layout, if I want to use a system not on the stand, it's not going to be a problem.



N64 (RGB Modded) + Everdrive 64

Switchless modded Saturn with CDR modchip

Pc Engine Duo R (RGB modded)

Multi Mega + Everdrive (once I've finished modding it :P)

Nes (disabled security)


Still got some other machines not connected + Ps2 is connected to main TV

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  • 2 weeks later...

My "man cave"

PC and the TV is use for my Amiga. The desk was a touch expensive and a bit of anindulgance. I need a new office chair.


I'm aiming to fill all the gaps with different consoles, but I need "display" versions that aren't yelowed etc.


Ancient (like more than 20 years old) TV, PS2 and Xbox:


Miggy tucked away for now:




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Managed to get hold of some handy racking from work, so I've re-organised the collection. The gap on the Sega shelf is for the DC, which is currently set up at work.


Seeing this Another World artwork, is there a site that sells pieces like this? Or did you get a hi-res image and get it printed on box canvas from a regular online place?

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The latter. I took the image from the official site, I think. I started a thread at the time to see if anyone knew of other places to get decent res versions of original artwork, but pretty much drew a blank. At some point I'll probably throw some images together to make another canvas.

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[Another World image

Thanks, but I'm after other images. As you can see in the pics below, I want something to brighten the dull walls :)

Moved house and got myself a PC corner. PC acts as my conduit to the world of retro, and most machines are emulated. I have got my DC set up (now permanently) though, hence the crappy old speakers (the only set I have with a 3.5mm jack):


Some close ups - what appalling yellowing! ;)



Zero Gunner 2:



Stuck Under Defeat on and rotated my lovely 24" screen to play it in TATE mode, and discovered to my horror that the stand only rotates in one direction... and the game only lets you rotate in the opposite direction:



...so a virtual 'trip' to eBay for a new stand is on the cards :lol:

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On some monitors you can screw the bracket thingy holding the monitor off. And then rotate it and screw it back on. Ta-daa, problem solved.

Don't know if your monitor can do that though.

Aye, it can, and I was thinking about doing that. Watch this space!

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Some of these are very cool, but I do wonder why hardly any of the pictures have controllers plugged in, either the setups/rooms are just for show or you don't play the systems?

I set up my old portable SDTV, Wii & Dreamcast today. I now have a PS3, connected to my HD monitor and my Wii & DC connected to my TV. All together in one mega shelf. I will post pics so you can point and laugh later. :)

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But isn't a giant mess of wires and controllers a true gaming setup? It shows that the setup is atleast being dirtied, instead of a collector setup which is all pristine and clean?

Welcome to my spaghetti junction:


You may laugh but I have a PS3, a Wii with hundreds of games, a Gamecube with hundreds of games and a DC with yes, you guessed it, hundreds of games.

PS3 = has no games.

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