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The Drum & Bass Thread

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1 minute ago, Cool Ben said:


I would love to go clubbing again, just not sure how my 42 year old body would cope.



I'm 40, I definitely had "this might be the last time" going through my head.

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New Noisia sounds kind of nuts :) From the description:



It's not essential to know this before listening, but here's what it means to us: it's a song about a journey into the space inside yourself. A cathartic, claustrophobic journey of self-confrontation. Apart from that it's also in a different time signature than 4/4 (it's more or less 17/8). This makes it virtually unmixeable too. We hope you enjoy it.




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New DnB Podcast out in our Dub Cutz series show. It's been ages since our last. Summery DnB Enjoy!


1.    Technimatic - Sometimes (Through the Hours Album) [Shogun Audio]
2.    Sensum - Chaser [Program] 
3.    Brookes Brothers - Everyminute [DnB Arena] 
4.    Dimension - Devotion [Dimension] (WMG) 
5.    Culture Shock - Renaissance [RAM Records] 
6.    Technimatic - True Believer (Through the Hours Album) [Shogun Audio] 
7.    Spy - Breathing Underwater (Dubplate Style Album) [Hospital Records] 
8.    MEL, Matti - Highs That Never Last [Fleeting Nosh Records]
9.    Grafix - Radience [Hospital Records]
10.    Smooth - Forever [Technique Recordings] 
11.    S.P.Y. - Rock Da House [Hospital Records] 
12.    Skeptical - Mechanism [Exit Records] 
13.    Wingz - Confined (Optimal Prime & Mavamatics Remix) 
14.    Break & Total Science - Dogs Dinner [Symmetry Recordings] 
15.    Adred, Commix, Ant TC1 & DRS - Stuck in a Loop (ft. DRS) 
16.    Monroe - If Not Now (Bert H Remix) [Liquicity] 
17.    Kubatko - Yeoman 
18.    S.P.Y. - Open Your Eyes (Dubplate Style Album) [Hospital Records] 
19.    Sweet N Sikka - Style [Inna Rhythm]
20.    S.P.Y. - Rudeboy Step (Feat. Shadow Child) (Dubplate Style Album) [Hospital Records]
21.    Calyx & Teebee - Wardub [RAM Records]
22.    Fearbace - Stillness (Origins Compilation) [Glitch Audio]
23.    Mohican Sun - Darkest Hour [UKF] 
24.    Optimal Prime & Mavamatics - Late Night Revision [Mouse Outfit Tribute]

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On 16/12/2019 at 18:36, Cool Ben said:

My mate made a documentary. 




I would so loved to have gone to this. I didn't know it ran on a Thursday. Funny how a lot of the really influential DnB nights weren't on Friday and Saturday nights: Rage on Thursday, Metalheadz on a Sunday at the Blue Note, Speed / Swerve on a Thursday IIRC, Movement also on a Thursday. Also related, FWD was on a Wednesday or Thursday I think?

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On 21/09/2020 at 19:56, acidbearboy said:

Lush atmospheric D&B from 1998.



Absolutely, one of my favourite records from that period!


Edit - always reassuring/worrying how quickly I can lay my hands on particular records in my collection!



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