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The Drum & Bass Thread


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AMC old skool mix:


01. Sound Guy - Sub Focus

02. Signal - Fresh

03. The Vault - Pendulum

04. Night Flight - Andy C & Ant Miles

05. Kombat - Crisis Remix

06. Babylon - Splash

07. Jah Dread - Ray Keith

08. Enta Da Dragon - Twisted Individual Remix

09. Block Control - Noisa

10. Nasty Ways - Dillinja

11. Bacteria - Ed Rush & Optical

12. Mind Scan - Ed Rush & Optical Remix

13. The Beginning - Moving Fusion

14. Titan - Ram Trilogy

15. The Helicopter Tune - Deep Blue

16. His Imperial Majesty - Rebel Mc & Top Cat

17. Jaws - Mampi Swift

18. Orange Sunshine - K. Tee & Stakka

19. Dangerous - Brockie & Ed Solo

20. Something Special - Die

21. Dread Bass - Manic One Remix

22. Project X - Congo Natty

23. Metropolis - Adam F

24. Exodus - Rebel Mc

25. 6 Million Ways - Dope Skills

26. Atlantis - Bad Company Remix

27. Champion Sound - Alliance Remix

28. Planet Dust - Bad Company

29. Stay With Me - Cujo

30. Luner Bass - Origin Unknown

31. True Playaz Style - Dj Hype

32. End Situation - Dj Hype

33. Renegade Snares - Omni Trio remix

34. Dual Voltage 99 Remix - L.Small

35. 26 Bass - Roni Size

36. Dark Stranger Remix - Boogie Times Tribe

37. The One - Mampi Swift

38. Dance - Mampi Swift

Imperial Majesty > Jaws...oh shit.

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What albums have people liked in 2012?

I'm mainly just listening to mixes these days on soundcloud and stuff, individual tracks via beatport etc.. but I'm liking the calyx + tebee album "All or nothing", took a while to grow on me but its one of the best this year imo.

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Slowly getting my interest in DnB back, can anyone recommend some sweet tracks?

Had a bit of a dig around tonight and found these which I like. I'm really out of the loop when it comes to new releases though.

Cause4Concern - Lowlife

Enei - Centrifuge

Decimal Bass - Iz

Enei - The Moment feat. DRS

Nymfo - Floating Point

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Slowly getting my interest in DnB back, can anyone recommend some sweet tracks?

Had a bit of a dig around tonight and found these which I like. I'm really out of the loop when it comes to new releases though.

Only because I'm listening to it right now but this is a pretty sweet collection of new tracks.



Also, make sure you go and grab all of the Doc Scott Future Beats podcasts (itunes or wherever). Untouchable.

There is an absolute shitload of podcasts available for new stuff. Start with Critical, Shogun Audio and Metalheadz for a good mix of styles and go from there.

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If anyone is stuck for something to do on Saturday night, I have 2 tickets I need to sell for LTJ Bukem/Roni Size/DJ Kentaro at The Forum in Kentish Town.


I got them on a super early bird for around £7 each - will be happy to shift them both for a tenner? I'm not going to be in London this weekend now, they're e-tickets so I can email them to you. I went to The Forum last weekend for Scuba and it's a surprisingly beefy system they've got now, nice and bassy down the front so this should be a good one.

PM if interested!

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I haven't posted any of the Optimal Prime DnB mixes that I do for a bit and seeing as this one is fairly new I thought I'd share it with Rllmuk. Bit of a selection of DnB types ranging from Liquid proggy synth stuff (Netsky esq) to some more darker technical stuff. Got a few of our own new tracks in here too.


Is there a way to embed Soundcloud directly on here?

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I come with a big ting, The History of Drum and Bass mix. One hour long, all these tunes mixed in, with a Skibadee soundboard. Its amazing:


Tracklist (spoilered due to length):

The Winstons - Amen Brother
A Guy Called Gerald - 28 Gun Bad Boy
Rufige Kru - Terminator
Omni Trio - Renegade Snares
Deep Blue - The Helicopter Tune
Unknown Origin - Valley Of The Shadows
LTJ Bukem - Logical Progression
LTJ Bukem - Atlantis
Shy Fx - Original Nuttah
Serial Killaz - Code Red (Original Mix)
DJ Hype - Tiger Style
Renegade - Terrorist
Leviticus - Burial
M Beat - Style
Dead Dred - Dred Bass
DJ Krust - Jazz Note
Goldie - Inner City Life
Prizna Ft Demolition Man - Fire
Firefox and 4 Tree - Warning (Powder Mix)
2 Bad Mice - Bombscare
M Beat feat. General Levi - Incredible
Soundman and Don Lloydie - Greater Love
DJ Krust - Set Speed
Adam F - Circles
Source Direct - Exit 9
DJ SS - The Lighter
Ganja Kru - Super Sharp Shooter
Aphrodite - King Of The Beats
Shimon & Andy C - Night Flight
Bad Company - Bad Ass
LTJ Bukem - Horizon
Nasty Habits - Shadow Boxing
Adam F - Metropolis
Alex Reese - Pulp Fiction
Photek - Ni Ten Ichi Ryu
Jonny L - Piper
Roni Size - Brown Paper Bag
Ray Keith - Chopper (Shy FX Remix)
Roni Size - Heros
Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce - Cutslo (Lokuste Mix)
Ram Trilogy - Warhead
Adam F - Brand New Funk
Bad Company - The Nine
Trace - Sonar
Dillinja - Fluid
DJ Die - Clear Skyz
Shy FX - Bambaataa
Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce - Alien Girl
Dom & Roland - Can't Punish Me
Adam F - Dirty Harry
E-Z Rollers - Walk This Land
Ed Rush & Optical - Bacteria
Ed Rush & Optical - Sicknote
Ed Rush & Optical - Watermelon
Bad Company - The Pulse
Krust V Roni Size - Kloaking Device
Ram Trilogy - Titan
Moving Fusion - Turbulence
Digital - Deadline
Dillinja - Nasty Ways
Roni Size & Reprazent - Dirty Beats (Roni Size Remix)
E-Z Rollers - RS2000
Badmarsh & Shri - Signs
Bad Company - Planet Dust
DJ ZInc - Casino Royal
Shy FX & T Power - Shake Ur Body
Fernanda Porto - Sambassim (DJ Patife Remix)
Shimon & Andy C - Body Rock
DJ Marky & Xrs - LK
High Contrast - Return Of Forever
Dillinja - Twist Em Out
Shy FX & T-Power & Skibadee - Don't Wanna Know
Concord Dawn - Morning Light
Klute - Part Of Me
Dillinja - Grimey
Uncut - Midnight
Raiden - Fallin'
M.I.S.T. - Jam Hot
Hive - Neo
London Elektricity - The Great Drum & Bass Swindle
Bad Company - Nitrous
D Kay & Epsilon - Barcelona
Jahiem - Put That Woman First (DJ Calibre Remix)
M.I.S.T. - Outaspace
Shy FX & T-Power - Feelin U
Friction and Nu Balance - Robocop
Logistics - Together
Calyx & Teebee - Follow The Leader
High Contrast - Racing Green
Calibre - Drop It Down
D Bridge - True Romance
Calibre & High Contrast - Mr Majestic
Artificial Intelligence - Through The Gate
High Contrast - Twilight's Last Gleaming
Concord Dawn - Don't Tell Me
Pendulum - Another Planet
Pendulum - Tarantula
Jenna G - In Love
Shy Fx & T Power - Feelings
Nu:Tone - Strange Encounter
Alix Perez & Specific - Love Bug
Konflict - Messiah
Noisia - The Tide
Fresh - Floodlight
Potential Bad Boy - Submission
Chase And Status - Duppy Man
Logistics - The Trip
Photek - Thunder (DJ Die and Clipse Remix)
Sub Focus - X Ray
Pendulum - Slam
Tommy Boy - Love And Happiness
Die & Clipz - Number One
Total Science - Soul Patrol
Noisia - Facade
Total Contrast - What We Do
Pendulum - The Vault
Sub Focus - Airplane
TC Featuring Jakes - Deep
Ben Westbeech & Die - Get Closer
Chase & Status - Love's Theme
Michael Jackson - Human Nature (Makoto & Specialist Remix)
Alix Perez & Specific - Just Memories
Benny Page - Turn Down The Lights
Potential Badboy - Hot Girls
Commix - Be True
TC - Where's My Money
Zinc feat. Makoto & Stamina MC - Thinking Back
Roni Size & DJ Die - It's A Jazz Thing (Utah Jazz Remix)
Alix Perez ft. MC Fats - Down The Line
Matrix & Futurebound - American Beauty
Nu: Tone - System
Chase & Status - Dumpling Riddim
Pendulum - Blood Sugar
Chase & Status - Hurt You
High Contrast - If We Ever
Breakage - Clarendon
High Contrast - In A Gadda Da Vida Loca
Potential Badboy - 4 D Girls Dem
J Majik & Wikaman - Crazy World
DJ Fresh featuring Mc Darrison - All That Jazz
Artificial Intelligence - Bloodlines
High Contrast - Pink Flamingos
Future Prophecies - Dreadlock
Potential Badboy - Girlz
High Contrast - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
London Elektricity - All Hell Is Breaking Loose
Sub Focus - Timewarp
DJ Hazard - Machete
Jonny L - Oh Yeah
Blame - Stay Forever
Brookes Brothers - Tear You Down
High Contrast - Hometown Glory
Danny Bird - Shock Out
Spor - Aztec
DJ Fresh - Hypercaine
P Money - Everything (Blame Remix)
DJ Fresh Heavyweight
Noisia - Stigma
Foreign Beggars - Contact (Noisia)
Logistics - Jungle Music
Sigma - Paint It Black
Blame - Because Of You
Sub Focus - Rock It
Danny Bird - Sweet Harmony (Jungle Remix)
Jaguar Skills feat. MC Skibadee - Outro

The Bombscare > Incredible mix :D

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