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The Mighty Ash

May 2009 hip hop recommendations

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Cool Kids new mixtape can be found at http://www.coolxkids.com/

Forthcoming in May:




3AM Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GG10xE1hbXI

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Nice. The Art of Noise (interlude) that is...love the laid back style of this. Thanks for the hook-up.

Red/Meth here if you not heard it


I think thats the only track that Ive really liked from Blackout 2 so far.

Looking forward to this later in the week:


I think this is a little misguided for a first single from his album. Lady Gaga needs to perish:


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Ugh. Is it consciously a blatant rip of M.I.A? I suppose so, as he mentions M.I.A and says 'high like'. I do like Wale, though. Looking forward to it.

I like Wale as well, thats what upset me most abput it :P

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Oh yeah; Cool Kids. I'll listen tomorrow.

Eminem's rhymes are tight, but it's like he's trying to sound as irritating as cLOUDDEAD. '3am' is unlistenable for me.

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Not heard of Wale. Didn't think that track was too bad for a pop/chart single *runs and hides*. Not really hiphop nice though.

That Cam'Ron track is nice too. Not a big fan but liking that.

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Bit of a long shot here, but do any of the Scottish heads have a spare ticket for the Ghostface gig this week in Glasgow? I've got my ticket, of course, but one of my crew slept. This guy needs to make an appearance. He's like the ODB of our group.

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Yo. Ghostface absolutely rocked the shiznit in Glasgow tonight. Top 3 gigs of all time. Complete stormer. I bought a t-shirt from the merch stand (members of Theodore Unit were the vendors - I got mine from Shawn Wigs), then I got my shit signed by Ghost at the end. Boom.

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Just listened to it, it's pretty good. Some weird things he raps about as you'd expect, even gay incest and stuff on one track. Something about gobbling his step dad.

Still it seemed like an effort to listen through it all in one sitting - it's fairly long, about 80 mins and his voice starts grating after a while. Luckily the best song (apart from possibly the gay incest song, Insane) is the very last song, Underground. Absolute banger.

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