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Outrun Live Arcade (360)


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I play Outrun online. You should too. Add your gamertags here, like so

GViper - Evil Rock Kizza

Pilotwings- Pilotwings XL

VermillionSands - nequest

Cap'n XBOKS - Capn XBOKS

Harmunt - Harmunt

mrpranny - commodore amigo

and I shall add them to this list.

Also, maybe we should get a dedicated "day" going for this, maybe Sundays? I don't think anything else is on Sundays.

Also, worth setting a gamertag up? RLLoutrun maybe? Will get to work tonight.

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I'm not really into the tuned cars at the minute, just been messing with the normal cars, time trials mostly.

So personally I would prefer more normal car races, for the first few weeks anyway. don't really like catchup or collisions either, although I don't mind small doses of everything now and again.

What about you guys, what have you been recently used to doing? - tell me your milky ways!

Used to Play SP on the xbox for a bit, ghost town though.

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Sundays sound good then! Shall we say 7pm? I should be back from Bath by then. What's the max for a lobby? I'll get the gamertag sorted tonight, and send you some invites.

8 is the max, I think.

I might be around now, so throw me an invite if I'm on.

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Anyone tried playing this online recently? Does it still work? I got a decent game of Daytona going with some forumites recently and you'd think the Online had been turned off until your pre arranged players turn up.

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