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Outrun - PS3


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So anyone up for this? I'll list PSN ID's from those who are interested below:

Robo_1 - Robo_1

bph - arewenotben

Sigourney Beaver - SigourneyBeaver

Dandy Sephy - DandySephy

Capone Adam - capone_adam

Harry - dj_hazardous

Smackie - smackie1973

Parrapatheslapper - colbaker27

21:00 UK time is good for me, but let me know if there's any other preference. I'll be online tonight around that time for anyone interested, and I hope to be getting a head set some time next week!

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I was just about to quit playing for the evening but your gentle chat has persuaded me otherwise :wub:

That's what I like to hear (or read?).

Haha, first time online and it already crashed my PS3 - I flew through the sky rather than hit the checkpoint. Epic.

My headset has lost it's charge too and I can't find the lead ;)

Happened to me first time I played, mmm nice blue sky flying it is.

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