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eBay says: if you sell a videogame you must post it for FREE


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Why not get it posted to their work? I get everything posted to work for signed for stuff.

If you post to anything other than the buyers registered PayPal address you have no cover against fraud so you may as well not bother with recorded post at all.

Recorded delivery to the wrong address is as little use as non-recorded delivery to the right one.

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It's never worth shipping outside the UK for most stuff in my experience, it's just not worth the hassle, just the emails alone from people from god knows where wanting shipping quotes is enough to put me off. That aside, I must be of the few on here that have never had a problem with eBay or dare I say it, PayPal. I remember the early days when most people paid by cheque and it was such a ballache compared to how it is now. I list my stuff from Sunday - Sunday, most people pay by PP so I can dispatch it first thing on Monday, nice and simple. The one time I did get shafted, when trying to buy a PS3 (from a games store that operated on eBay as it happens), PP refunded all the money within a couple of weeks with very little hassle.

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