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Modern Warfare 2


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Considering the shit-loads of money this is going to make multi-platform, MS would have to pay even stupider amounts of money to make this exclusive.

Very true - but I'm pretty sure Microsoft have grabbed something pretty big. Sony have been riled up by something. And there's nothing bigger than this game. Still even I would be shocked if it actually happened.

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The visuals don't seem to be a big leap from MW1 but I can live with that. Knowing IW they'll make something great on their engine and I can't wait to return to their online killing fields. The ones from Treyarch are decent but their overall geometry (Outskirts or Airfield for example) is balls compared to Infinity's.

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re: Arma 2

I can't tell if you're serious or not. The animation between 18 and 20 seconds pretty much guarantees it'll be rubbish, surely.

nah i am all over this, tbh, The animation isnt as bad as that in the first game and thats like 3 years old now sure its just an early build.

so cant wait for cod tho!

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