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The iOS gaming thread

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How many of you loons are not playing Drive Ahead? It's possibly the greatest game that has ever appeared on the App Store. They keep adding new stuff to it, and are seemingly unable to ruin how great their mechanic is, which is a miracle really.

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I'm giving it a go now. I'm enjoying it but am concerned, because of the game pace, about what will happen when I make a mistake and die. Starting from the beginning fills me with dread. Is it a cold restart with the same pacing or is there something else that's more forgiving (I don't need details :))

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Anyone got a bluetooth control pad they use with their phone? I saw this one reviewed on AV Forums and wondered if there were other better options: https://www.avforums.com/review/tt-esports-contour-gaming-controller-review.12036

It's not bluetooth, but I have one of these for retrograming. No thumbsticks, but I really like the slim form factor. And it has an integrated extra battery to extend phone battery life.


Only a tenner now as Logitech have abandoned it. Works nicely for emulators that are mfi compliant.

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