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What recent-ish films will be considered classics in the future?

Peter Hitchens

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5 minutes ago, ZOK said:

Yes, me too. It’s s great flick, but it’s pretty standard fare. Not really one people will be watching in years to come as a defining work of cinema.


Or at least I don’t think so, it’s horses for courses I guess.


I disagree. I think it was more than the sum of its parts like Moon and will become a bit of a genre classic in a few years. It's probably not been seen by enough people yet.

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When I watched it admittedly it was shown immediately followed by a showing of Blade Runner: Final Cut which kind of took the wind out of its sails, but I still will go back and watch it some day. I just remember it being far far more interesting than anything else new I'd seen that year.



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What defines a classic ? Is it just something really really good? Something with such a singular vision it stands out and will remain so for a decade or more as nothing tackles the same subject matter in the same way ? Something that has really striking elements to it, be it the mood, tone, music, profound nature of its filmmaking ?


I fell asleep last time i tried to watch Tabu ! You're rubbish. I know, I am. What makes it special ?

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