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Battle for Terra


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Hadn't heard anything about this before. No idea if it is likely to be good and it does look predictable as hell. But I may be up for some CG fighter battles.

Seem Earth is fucked and a ship goes out to look for a new home. I'm not clear on if it is just searching or if it is a colony ship bringing people with it. Either way, the ship has 2 months of air left and they find Terra, a suitable planet, but populated by peaceful aliens. So the military guys natural reaction is to take the planet by force. But not everyone is happy with that plan.


480p 43MB

720p 101MB

1080p 175MB

Voices include Brian Cox, Luke Wilson, Evan Rachel Wood, David Cross, Justin Long, James Garner, Chris Evans, Danny Glover and Dennis Quaid. I see Ron Perlman, Danny Trejo and Phil LaMarr listed on IMDB too, but they look to be doing random voices rather than main cast.

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Looks pretty rubbish from that trailer. Merely from a technical perspective it's terrible - it looks like it could be done in realtime on a PS3. I get the idea that it's an alien invasion film where the evil aliens are us, but it just seems like every other element in the film is a massive cliche.

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