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Couch Corpse

Favourite Movie Still Shots

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Inspired by mine and dazmeister's love for this shot from Total Recall.


I'm looking for beauty here not awesome or cool, though not exclusively of course.

Greatest shot of all time?


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In the Mood for Love


Once Upon a Time in America


Days of Heaven


There is another shot I'd put up from Letters from a Dead Man which is set in a flooded library but there is no way I'd be able to find it online.

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I'm still not on blu-ray myself. I must have found those shots on the interwebs over time. Can't remember where though.

Anyway, how about some REAL classics.




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A couple chosen from films at hand:


Priscilla - Queen of the Desert

Simply fantastic imagery, beautiful.


Patlabor 2 - The Movie

I was in two minds whether to include an animated film (though I see that during my deliberations two have been put up, so don't feel so awkward any more), and then to pick a scene: Oshii's films - particularly this, the original Patlabor and Ghost in the Shell - are filled with beautiful images, particularly of cityscapes. However, I decided to eschew his many fantastic views of Tokyo/Hong Kong, for this one, which I just love the composition of.

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Good one.

There are so many shots you could pick from Kubrick's films and display them as a static image. His composition was fantastic - no doubt helped by his early career as a photographer.

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