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The Apprentice

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I think I'm actually in love with Sandeesh. She's booootiful :wub:

In other news, I don't want to see Stuart in the CV stage. He's WAY too deluded to give a shit. He won't take any of it in. His daddy bought him a telecoms company and he drives an M3. Do you guys really think he gives a flying fuck what the interviewers will say? I guarantee you this, he thinks he's BETTER than them, rendering the whole thing pointless. He's way too deluded to actually take anything on board. See, people like him don't want validation from the guys at the interview stage, they think they ARE the guys at the interview stage. Some competitors, especially the ones from poorer background, genuinely do care what the interviewers say because that's what they aspire to be. Stuart believes he's already there, so he'll just brush it off. He's a waste of a contestant really.

I really hate that Stuart cunt. Seriously, he's the embodiment of most things I hate. That sense of entitlement, that belief that just because your daddy has bought you a business you are great, the rudeness... I genuinely hope he gets cancer and dies.

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I thought Sandeesh actually did ok. But like womblingfree said she signed her death warrant by not bringing Jamie back. Chris and Liz are possibly my two favourites at the moment.

Loved Stella too this ep, and Jo started to grow on me a bit too. Stubaggs is an excellent twat, I hope he stays a few more weeks. Laura to go next, probably.

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