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Toms plan is a non stater because companies don't care

Maybe they don't care but they legally have to provide all kinds of stuff to ensure people are sitting correctly, the monitors are at the correct height, the lightling isnt to bright etc.

And there's loads of money in it! I've seen £100 paper glare protectors which stop sunlight being reflected up from paper on your desk which is actually a sheet of lighting gel and can be bought for about a pound.

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I also think Tom might be considered a bit of a dark horse at this stage. Stranger things have happened...

This counts as a prediction, right? :unsure:

Good on Tom, I don't think many people would have called him winning after the first few weeks. I think someone in this thread summed it up a little while back by saying Sugar basically wanted a Dyson-killer on board and that's pretty much how it panned out. I'm mostly glad Jim didn't win though, the big ol' bullshitter.

Anyway, a total first - the biggest bellend in a series of the Apprentice isn't actually one of the contestants. Do one please, McIntyre...

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The thing that Sugar said 'Your idea needs serious tweaking' leads me to believe that Tom's idea will end up being nothing at all to do with chairs or bad backs.

I took that to initially mean that he'll want to strip-out the employer consultation bit.

Glad that Helen didn't win after her nasty trick in the boardroom, and her initial plan was bloody awful. Susan's plan would have been better had she done some better prep on the numbers. Jim's plan was a passion-project that - whilst good - wouldn't be a great money-spinner unless it got government investment (I'm sure you aren't allowed to advertise to schools?).

Not sure Tom's idea is that fantastic, to be honest, but we'll see.

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