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Fantastic Mr Fox

Major Britten

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  • 11 months later...

Watched it for the first time recently and as an Anderson fan(ish) I unsurprisingly thought it was great. I had a few big lol moments, especially when he and the badger square up to each other. Had to pause it I was laughing so much.

The only thing that jarred was the Americanisation of the dialogue. It seemed odd to me that such great lengths were gone to with the English-isms of the characters and models (cars being right-hand drive for example) and not do the same with the script. Most of it was entirely innocuous but for me that's exactly why it should have been English, there was no need for it to be yankee. It was jarring every time I heard something like "triple header" or whatever.

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  • 1 month later...

Just watched it for the first time. Cussing fantastic. I had avoided the thread when it started playing, so didn't see what others had said about it. So I didn't expect it to be so...Anderson. That might sound silly considering he made it, but I was kind of expecting something more conventional or mainstream. So it was a nice surprise that it was different too.

There's really too much things I liked to begin listing them. I was probably smiling through the whole movie.

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