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All things Monster Hunter - MHF/2/U - MHP3 and Tri


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On 24/07/2015 at 0:53 AM, Nobuo's Organ said:

Don't think we'll ever see a MH game on consoles again.


X pretty much kills any slim hope of MH4U HD, doesn't it?


MonHun is my favourite big screen game, I can't get along with a tiny screen now :(


Given the rumours around what NX is going to be... and how massive MH is in Japan, I think it's very likely that we'll see MH back on the big screen.

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Is the MH franchise permanently tied to Nintendo now then?


With Destiny out of steam (for my group/in my opinion/your mileage may vary/etc) we've been discussing alternatives, and have all ended up ordering The Division, but I keep wishing for Monster Hunter on PS4, which I've no doubt would see us happily playing for many many months to come. "What we need is some kind of co-op RPG that has loads of content and depth, and doesnt lead to someone falling behind if they're not able to play for a week or so" is pretty much a verbatim quote from a friend of mine: that's bloody Monster Hunter!


As much as I've enjoyed them on 3DS, it's crying out for a big screen outing, and my online buddies are unlikely to be picking up another Nintendo console.

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This arrived today. :wub:




400 pages of illustrations and designs from Monster Hunter's best generation (;)) Monster Hunter Tri through to MH3U, with a smattering here and there of Freedom Unite. Loads of monster illustrations, weapon and armour designs, character and environment art. It's not a guide - the focus is very much on the art of Gen 3 with a few notes from staff that worked on the games - but an absolutely sumptuous collection of illustrations it is.














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I just wanted to see if it worked on Cemu; this was a terrible idea, why is this crappy gathering so compelling? Why did my diseased monster hunting brain want to get to area 12 in the deserted isle as soon as possible to score some early Machalite Ore from the green mining node which spawns there? Ive already done a few laps around the D. Isle mining cave :ph34r:









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Well, this has got its hooks in again, lovely at 60fps/1080p as it is. I should be getting on with blasting through High Rank, but I spent every spare bit of gaming time I could get today trying to get a Rathian Ruby so I could upgrade this rapid Normal 2 bowgun to wreck upcoming Brachy faces faster and use its slots to get Attack Up (M) on this armour. Finally got one from capping a Pink Rathian.


Did MH4U remove the 50 base defense you had in MH3U? Gunners seem so much more squishy in 4.







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