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All things Monster Hunter - MHF/2/U - MHP3 and Tri


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I've been playing Monster Hunter wii u again this week. It's still the best game possible really, even despite all the infuriations of the shambolic online implementation.

I'm still holding onto the slim hope of a Wii U port of MH4U. It's my only ticket for new Monster Hunter. It's the best series. The best series. It's the best series.

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Finally, over a year-and-a-half after saying I was about to pick up a 3DS for MH3U, I finally got an XL last week. It has been such a joy to return to the world of Tri and despite thinking I'd be straight back to dual blades after missing them in Tri, I got so used to the sword and shield, I'm sticking with those for now. My only complaint is that underwater is a bit fiddly, but I'm kind of coping. Just started the two star quests now and about to go looking for my old friend, the Great Jaggi. :)

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Kick his face off!

Welcome back.

Two faces kicked off. No real problems, the target cam's coming in useful and I'm really not feeling the lack of a second stick for the camera at all, then again, I learned playing MHFU on PSP.

First quest "new" to me has shown up, with capturing the Arzuros. Only taken him on one before on Portable 3rd so be interesting to see how I get on.

Game's great for just chilling out with, listening to podcasts and taking on the easier quests or just going resource gathering in Moga Woods. I've fallen in love with the franchise all over again and can't wait for MH4U next year.

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I am doing endgame stuff, currently the event Ivory Lagiacrus. He hits so hard.

I am losing my shit when other players say, 'yeah yeah i can handle it lol', then quit out in a huff when they get one shot killed.

Also at HR125 AND WITH PRIOR WARNING, how can you not comprehend 'sleep bombing'?!?! argh

But Monster Hunter: love love love it. I've stuck playing this despite having two Dark Souls DLCs to play through

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