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Frijj- The Milkshake Of Kings!

Big Gus

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Does anyone else remember Shakey Jake? That stuff was amazing & had the best bottle ever; i was heartbroken when it stopped appearing on shop selves :(

I find i have to be in the right mood for Frijj, it has such a weird texture. I do love the chocolate orange one though.

Best advert ever as well!

Heeeeeee's shaaaaaaakyyyyy Jake,

Wibble-wobble wibble-wum!

He's a real milkshake,

Wibble-wobble yum yum!

So good.

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Tried the Honeycomb and sticky toffee pudding ones last night. I think the toffee one is running chocolate fudge brownie very close for my favourite - I do love toffee, though.

Bit disappointed with the chocolate honeycomb one - just tasted like bog standard chocolate ice cream to me, and I'm not a massive fan of that.

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Ugh, how are you cunts getting all these exotic flavours when all I'm being offered is a fairly rank vanilla flavour? >:(

SO WRONG. The vanilla is good. Sainsburys and ASDA both have them so far. They should do a sugar free version with artificial sweetener, I can handle the lactose but I can't justify the crazy amount of sugar they add as well. :(

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