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BlazBlue [360, PS3, Arcade]

Solid SOAP

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Still haven't had time to crack this open yet and I'm out tonight. Gah. Will add some of you when I do, hopefully at the weekend.

Does anyone use Rachel? She was the only character I got to grips with in the first. I'm pretty rubbish though.

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Ha, that guy goes to the Glasgow ranbats and has a great Vega, as well as the worst teeth I've ever seen.

He's literally sent me a dozen messages since, bleating about his BP in SSF4. As luck would have it I met him later in ranked and gave him another sound hiding. Since he was whining about throws so much in his many messages, I used Tager :D I think his sodium levels spiked though the roof when I won again!

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this version nonsense - i've downloaded 1.01 twice and 1.02 three times now! i knew i shoulda stuck to £40 games. an hour free this evening and spending half of it getting DLC for a character i won't be able to use is not classy. this must be karmic retribution for calling dave names.

karma done me as well Alistarr - I couldn't join Raf due to system version issues. I wonder if it gets confused as my TE tick is the second player and signing in and out and downloading - I dunno bit pony really.

Also added to that my boiler has broke and trying to perform blazblu combos with old cold hands is no fun :-(

Rachel used to be the top tier character in the old version imho - anyone useful with her gets my respect, speak to raf he is really good at throwing out the pink electrical things in all circumstances. Tried a it of Boobie lady last night - which is stupid given she has double the move set to remember (with and without stick). What I really hate there is always just one move normally right in the middle of the combos I can't do so can either do first three moves or last three moves but no all six together - WHY has the Lord blessed me with the touch of a lady but the hands of a navy?

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Unblockable wolf mode, you'd be amazed.

It's Valk that can't block in wolf mode :P There's some horrific corner shenanagins he can do if you can sneak in a cheasy air-throw, leads to a very easy 7k combo..

I think you meant "That F%$*ing dropkick overhead that travels half the screen!"

..bah, why am I going to a gig now :(

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Valkenhayn seems like fun from the little go I had. As does Makoto.

Anyway, I just really love how different everybody is in BlazBlue. So many crazy characters. I need to pick a main. Mayyyybe Tusbaki?

BlazBlue is totally not compatible with drinking.

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Anyone else pre-order the SE from zavvi and still waiting? Or just me?

Nope, I'm waiting too. I expect once the Snow that fell over a week ago now actually decides to melt, the Postman might be able to make deliveries without risk of breaking his neck.

Wanted to use Hazama, but he's probably everybody's favourite new character by now. Furry underboob lady it is, then. :(

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Hazama is damn weird. I feel uncomfortable up close with him and uncomfortable at full screen.

Same as me. He's so interesting, though. I just assumed he'd be similar to Axel (GGXX) but he really isn't. I haven't had enough time to get stuck in with any of the cast yet but I'm liking Bang, Ragna and Hakumen. Ragna is still Ragna but I hadn't used Bang even once on CT, and my cousin played Hakumen so I didn't mess with him too much, either.

Decisions, decisions.

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Tutorials are loooooong. Oh man. So many mechanics I forgot about. Lunch break and then ADVANCED TECHNIQUES. Timing on execution feels really weird, it's been so long since I've played. I'm sure it'll be fine once start using a little bit of Arakune and Jin.

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OK FFS I've had enough this afternoon,

How the fuck do I beat Ragna during Jin's story?

Jin is refusing to pull his sword, and I cannot land any decent damage on Ragna cause of this.

It's perplexing me.

I've worked out a cheap little combo Crouch, A, A, Rise,B.

But i really don't want to spam beat him.

Done :D

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