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James Corden

spanky debrest

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He's putting on a Barry twang. It's pretty distinctive.

Haha, no-one in Barry speaks like that at all. The only person who does a Barry accent is Nessa, and quite an accurate one at that - everyone really does get each others attention by going "Oh!". Rob Brydon does a comedy valleys accent, and everyone else just does a textbook acting Welsh accent. They're all believable enough apart from Brydon.

People in Barry basically speak in Cardiff accents, only far harsher sounding.

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I don't find him immedietely annoying as such, as he's probabaly a nice bloke. I just find him constantly unfunny. Which is annoying as the viewing public seem to disagree.

the viewing public generally find funny those who the TV execs tell them are. See, little britain duo, russel brand, alan carr, etc etc

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