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League Two - Official Dressing Room


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This thread is for use by members of League Two.

It is to be used as a 'home point' for discussion with your fellow league members.


Current Table



Your admin is Mackenie.


Important Information


* The full rules can be found HERE. You must abide by these, so read them!

* You are responsible for arranging to play your home match.

* All match arrangements should be made via fixture notes on the website.

* If a match has not been played during the initial fixture week, it should be arranged and a note added to the fixture via the website to ensure the admin staff are aware of your arrangements. If a match passes the fixture week without being played and does not have a note attached it will be deemed a foul offence.

* You can play your future matches in advance if you wish, but try to keep the scores quiet until the fixtures are active. You can enter results for future matches onto the website and they will only be counted in the tables etc once they are active.

* You should enter your results on the website. If you have issues with the website contact SaintM.

* Ensure you have correctly applied the squad update. See tyler's instructions if you are unsure. Points may be deducted if you use an outdated or custom squad file.

* If you have a question regarding the rules, or any other aspect of the Rllmuk Pro Evo XBox Live League please contact an official.

Most important of all, the main aim of this league is to have fun so lets keep it friendly and everyone will enjoy it!

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Wayhay the lads. After scrapping my stay in League Two last season by a single point I am looking forward to welcoming a lot of new faces to League 2 this season.

This was an excellent place for banter last time and I am sure it will be again this time around I look forward to posting grumpy match reports about how I woz robbed. :)

I hope that my mediocre finish last season will not be repeated again and I look forward to winning both the League and Uefa cups as well as reaching the dizzy heights of the number one spot in the league. Well I'll give it a go. :lol:

Good Luck Everyone!

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Hello Everyone !

I'm back to the Competition. I already played to rllmuk but it was on PES 6. I'm a beginner on fifa 09.

As you can see, I don't speak English very well but it's a great pleasure for me to take part of this competition.

Good luck to all :P


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Hey guys,

Good luck in the upcoming season. I'm hoping that my shocking relegation form from tail end of last season is out my system!

I appear to have won first pick, hoping there are some decent teams left when it comes to us.... looking for West Ham ideally.

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West Ham are gone unfortunately, none of the Premiership sides that are left tempt me at all. There are some good European sides though.

Spotted that, I've plumped for Stuttgart as my first choice, Benfica 2nd and a few stragglers. Good luck with your choices guys.

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Benfica I am for the season :angry: After looking at Marseille (before noticing they were already taken), Genoa and Hamburg

I think Mr David Suazo will do me well :)

Oooooh, I totally hummed and hawed over Benfica after West Ham got picked in League 1. Suazo is lightning quick, and obviously there's Aimar and Reyes backing him up. Couple of decent strikers on the bench as well.

I plumped for Stuttgart because I never really got a chance to gel with Benfica, only managed one game and I couldn't score. I've played a fair bit with Stuttgart and they are a good side, possibly a bit more direct...

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You'd think that all the recent decent European teams would be in. But there are some weird omissions in general. I'm sure there were some countries in the Euro 08 game that disappeared in 09.

Note this is based on idle speculation - I haven't really played much international stuff in 09.

Some good teams in this league, I had a look at Sunderland but thought they lack a midfield, Dortmund have a crazy fast striker and Frei, Marseille are awesome... not got much experience with the others but they are all about 4 stars I think?

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Yeah Benfica suited my style quite well, and with Suazo up front, I think its going to be a good season and he can hit em from 25 yards! :(

Didn't really look at many other teams, the ones I did had already gone, did consider going back to Internacional but naah

Yeah some news teams in there this season will be a good one :lol:

I'll see you Mr Alshie for the title decider on the last week :angry:

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