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Eastbound & Down


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Are people still watching this? This might be the best series yet for me, certainly the funniest. Without any real great dramas in his life, it just gets on and lets you enjoy the characters. I am wondering if McBride is going to let Kenny sail off into the sunset living the dream throwing his middle fingers up or his hubris will catch up with him, but I'm definitely enjoying the ride.

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Earlier seasons where better but at least it never overstayed it's welcome.

were & its.

I can't help it.

Great season though, preferred it to the last one by a good bit.

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Really enjoyed the ending.

Initially I read it as

The whole 4th season being made up by Kenny but thinking about it it makes more sense that everything up to him leaving the Powers Hour was real.

I suppose each viewer decides where the cut off is but was there anything in the episode that explained it clearly?

Easily one of my fave shows the last few years, sad to see it go but happy it went out on top after risking another season.

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