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Retro Game Challenge - DS

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This is a really odd one. Half the time playing it seems to be spent wondering why you're punishing yourself so willingly (followed by some half knowing remark from that guy), and the other half you're amazed by it.

I can't work out if I genuinely like it, or if I want to so much (because of the concept) that I actually do. It may yet be my GOTY too, or I'll grow to hate it violently.

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I'm near the end of this game at the moment. What can I say? It's proper good! All the included games are really good on their own merit. They feel a little more intense than their original inspiration, a little easier too - sort of helps simulate the experience of being a gamer back then.

It's taken the years of cynicism and dissapointment the last few console generations have left me with and wiped it clean. It's like a gamers enima?

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