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Nazi Zombies?

Anne Summers

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So that is me, smith, steely and godzooki. Shall we say 10.30

So that was a bit scary last night.


loving it and still none the wiser on what we were doing. That bit being chased down corridors was like a bloody scene from Aliens. Too much fun. We shall have to have a few more cracks at this over the upcoming weeks. Shout me if you fancy it.

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I've not got Black ops yet but this mode is almost tempting me. I played a bit with my mate split screen a couple of weeks back. It was great. I don't know which level we were playing but there were multiple routes and we had to fire up the electrics. We got to this point just the once and I managed get caught in my own trap that I armed and watched in vain as my mate got overrun by Zombies.

We still haven't quite worked out the way to approach the tactics at the beginning. Is it best to survive a bit with the pistol and save money or buy a rifle?

The point where the zombie dogs spawn is pretty hardcore. We must have died there about 10 times in a row. That is only wave 5 or 6 I think. We got to wave 13 in the end.

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