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Red Dead Redemption - Never coming to PC


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28 minutes ago, christaylor said:

Did anyone have trouble transferring save games from 360 to One for this? 


I've got my cloud storage set up, copied the save from 360 to cloud and when I load it up on the One it gives a message telling me it's syncing cloud storage, but then tells me it can't find any saves. 


No help but my 360 save was fine. Did you do it straight away? Maybe wait an hour or so in case it's a cloud sync thing

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Completed this the other night. The ending hadn't been spoiled for me, but at the same time there had been enough in what people had said that I kind of knew what was coming. 


Overall, I really enjoyed it. It did overstay it's welcome a little, particularly with the Mexico section (a common complaint I'm told), although that might have had something to do with me doing all the stranger missions, and a good few side quests at the beginning.


Looking forward to the sequel, and the fact that I'll get a wee break to play other stuff until it comes out.



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