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Red Dead Redemption - Never coming to PC


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Someone said this is a side story, yeah? I'm wondering whether to finish the main game first...

It is a sidestory, but I'd still recommend finishing the main game first. My GTA IV experience would have been better if I had first completed the main game I think. Now I still have the main game, Lost & Damned and Gay Tony to finish.

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You should use his 360 to d/l it rather than just his HD, otherwise he'll have problems trying to play it offline.

Baws. I had first thought as long as I used his profile I'd be alright but then I remembered that whole licence transfer business, which probably only works on a per console rather than per item basis anyway. Cheers Boozy.

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Just noticed that there is also an Undead Collection for 1600 points with the Legends and Killers & Liars and Cheats DLC.

Bum, I didn't see that and already queued the normal pack.

Still, I never play RDR multiplayer anyway, and had already discounted getting the other add-ons, so no big loss.

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Yeah, top entertainment so far, very atmospheric, shocking and funny in equal measure. I've avoided the main missions after the initial scene setting to sweep up any and all side quests, including

Sasquatch hunting!

There's an outside possibility that headshotting the undead will get a bit repetitive, but it's still pretty entertaining after more than 200 down in the first 90 minutes.

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