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Red Dead Redemption - Never coming to PC


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I've just finished the main story to the end

the ending was fairly brutal but seemed fitting as Marston had spent a life sinning and no matter what he did, he had to end up dead. I really loved the Satan figure throughout the game and he signposted the end in those scenes. I enjoyed the epilogue parts and although I wasn't that sad that Uncle died, I'm going to miss Marston. I wanted to not kill the retired agent at the end but it wasn't scripted that way... although I didn't try and disarm him during the duel. I wanted to go out not killing which is what Marston would have wanted for his son.

If there is going to be a sequel

I don't want to play as Marston Jnr. I'd like to play as a Sheriff doing good deeds :) - I found the son really quite annoying

It's actually inspired me to replay GTAIV as I only played about two hours of that before giving up, feeling frustrated. I might go back in and play the side missions.

Playing Red Dead made me really yearn for a high def Zelda as a lot of the environments could have easily translated to Hyrule.

Red Dead is the best game I've played for a very long time.

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Bit confused. Is the firefight type mode going to be in the download or only available on the disc version or are there two different versions of Red Dead Firefight and if so anyone know the differences.

Not really hyped for the mission add ons as I got bored by the main game in the end, I think Timmo made a good post on the subject but obviously that is just my opinion, I can see why others will enjoy it.

The earlier post of having a zombie survival game set in a city sounds aces - is there not something similar coming out soon but maybe missing the build up / break down in society component.

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I have mixed feelings towards RDR. On the one hand it presents an utterly beautiful environment that is without a doubt the finest I've ever played in. Everything from the skyboxes, to the terrain, to the ambient sound and the score itself is simply awe-inspiring.

On the other hand, the missions themselves are so basic and repetitive (other than a few that broke the usual go to X and shoot people mould) that it ends up feeling somewhat like a wasted opportunity. Don't get me wrong, I spent around 30 hours playing through the campaign and doing lots of side missions, treasure hunting etc, but afterwards I felt like it could have been so much more.

If I popped the disc in now I'd literally have nothing I could do other than shoot a few more animals or try to get a higher wanted level whilst killing marshalls. I wanted to be able to rob banks, becoming gradually more wanted, with an increased law presence at each subsequent bank, and having to plan out a way to get in and out. I wanted to become a lawman and deal with the drunks, pimps, and local scum, maybe attracting retribution from friends of those I jailed or killed, or being invited to deal with a problem elsewhere by desperate town-folks because of my bad-ass reputation.

I know those things aren't necessarily simple to implement, but the game is just begging for them - I could spend easily another 30 or even 60 hours messing about with those kind of loosely-defined 'careers', but as it is there's just killing animals and collecting flowers. Or pushing whores under the train.

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I agree. RDR was worth it for the amazing environment, which I loved traversing. Superb ending as well and I thought the stranger quests were fun, not in the least because of their often ink black humour. But yeah, the actual missions were too basic and less varied than the ones in the GTA episodes. The best missions in Lost and Damned, Gay Tony and even GTAIV were a lot better than pretty much all the missions in RDR. Still worth it for the experience, but I don't see myself replaying it. The DLC looks fun though.

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The very thing that makes it so good though, the setting, is the same thing that limits your options imo.

No helicopter gunship, obv.

I know this is a joke but I can see someone out there probably thinking this would be amazing. It wouldn't. You would fly around a bit, that's it.

I can understand people wanting more to do but the majority of players probably didn't even complete the game let alone exhaust all it's sidequests, hunting challenges, mini games etc.

The systems that would need to be implemented to allow increasing law presence and so forth as your fame rose would be a massive investment. No game will ever cover all the bases, every single persons desires. I can imagine players complaining that you can't gamble or drink were those features dropped from the game.

Just as a point, you can rob banks, well at least the one in Armadillo, with safe cracking and all. And you can always sign up to do those lawman missions, night time patrol in various towns of the game.

I admit the game felt a little hollow after completion, but that's nothing to do with the amount of content, but completely to do with my investment in the story and the resolution of that tale.

Fantastic game.

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I bought Red Dead Redemption about three/four weeks ago from Play.com and it was advertised as having exclusive Play.com downloadable content (details here).

I've only just been emailed my code today (well done Play.com you spastics) but I've completed the game and don't really want to redeem the code.

Please feel free to use the code if you like:

Your Rock Star Code: GSTA-3LZY-UDBJ-TZZ5

How to redeem your code:

1. Select “Downloadable Content” in the game main menu

2. Select the option to enter a Rock Star Code

3. Enter your code.

Can you post if you've used it please.

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It's gone folks.


Some sidewindin' bushwackin', hornswagglin' cracker croaker is gonna rouin me bishen cutter.

and they never even gave you a +1 for it.


Some people really are assholes HONOUR -100 :(

I'm PMing my next free code to someone nice next time.

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Undead Overrun Trailer (multiplayer mode)


Sitting down with three members of Rockstar's PR team at its London HQ, we sunk our teeth into some 'Undead Django' on the Sepulcro map, which drops our four-strong team of zombie hunters right in the middle of a graveyard. Presented first with the same lobby area that begins every one of Red Dead's multiplayer games – the bit where everyone punches seven bells out of one another until the game starts – there are four mannequins stood nearby where you can select your preferred loadout from a choice of Long Shot, Ravager, Mauler or Overkill - an all-purpose selection of weapons.

Once everyone has selected their loadout, it's straight into the action as your team need to make a dash for a wooden coffin – marked as a yellow blip on your mini-map – get it opened as quickly as possible and boost your team's time and ammo. Zombies come thick and fast, so you'll need to get organised from the moment the brilliantly sinister and macabre voice-over (as heard in the latest trailers) kicks in to set the game in motion. Teamwork is of paramount importance during Undead Overrun to stave off each wave of increasingly difficult zombies before the timer runs down or your team is overwhelmed and killed.

Opting first for the Overkill loadout to ease us in gently, the pump-action shotgun proves invaluable for getting up close and personal with zombies, and when crowds start to overpower the team, a stick of dynamite is an absolute godsend. The only trouble is taking friendly fire into account, meaning that you'll need to shout a warning to your teammates when you're throwing out some TNT. We have to admit to be being guilty of chucking out an errant stick of dynamite and incapacitating a co-op buddy amid the panic, but you're able to revive your amigos by running towards the little bandaged face icon and administering (what appears to be) an adrenaline shot to get them back on their feet. After each wave, as long as one member of your team is still alive, the other members are instantly revived too.

The initial waves in Overrun start gently with normal zombies, but the ante goes through the roof pretty rapidly as quick and lethal Bolters storm in, Bruisers creep up to bash you to the ground when you least expect it, and then later on, Retchers begin appearing to vomit caustic green goo at you from afar. Killing Retchers also leaves behind a gaseous corpse, which explodes after a few seconds. If you're not careful, you might find yourself standing on a pile of Retchers about to blow, so you need to stay sharp, keep moving and ensure your weapons are always locked and loaded.

As well as Undead Overrun, the Undead Nightmare DLC will also come with another new – yet non horror-themed - multiplayer game type to be incorporated into the main game's Free Roam, called 'Land Grab'. The new mode takes place when you visit one of seven distinct areas - Armadillo, Blackwater, Chuparosa, Escalera, Las Hermanas, MacFarlane’s Ranch or Thieves Landing - and activate the Land Grab post in the same way you would to start a conventional multiplayer game. The premise is to protect your allotted radius of land from the opposition and defend the area from attackers without dying.



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Undead Nightmare Launch Trailer (contains a few story spoilers)


Out tomorrow, 800msp. :omg:

Update 1.05 details.

* Friendly Free Roam now available for those that wish to play with player-vs-player killing disabled

* Markers in preparation for Land Grab in Free Roam, which will be available next week with the installation of Undead Nightmare DLC

* Fix for issues with Days Passed being reset

* Fix for co-op achievements not advancing after passing into legend

* Fix for players griefing by voting each other out of the game in Poker and Liar's Dice

* Permanent clientside unlock for Redemption and Damnation characters (can use them on System Link without Internet connection)

* Poker and Grand Prix Leaderboards fixed to correct information displayed

Edited by The Sarge
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I have a mate’s hard drive here as he can’t easily connect to Live to download this and I was going to do it tonight on my console and give him it tomorrow.

I have vague memories of when I swapped hard drives between my first and second 360s that I had to be online the first time I went to replay and of my Arcade titles as the licence was tied to the console or something? Does anyone know if they still do this, if they even did it all for other types of DLC?

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