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The MICHAEL thread


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Also, let's hear it for Jeffrey Daniel, the dance choreographer who would go to the clubs in Michael's stead in order to see what was happenin' in tha streetz. Golden footage of the guy doing the robot on stage for Shalamar back in a 1977 episode of Soul Train. I could listen to his science all day long.

"This one guy I saw on the show, Don Campbell, he changed my life. He did not dance like anybody else, did not move like anybody else.

He was just WALKING to the beat... just walking... POW... just walking, POW... Walking... Jump UP...

STOP. Stick out his OWN hand, POW, give HIMSELF five, hunch his shoulders, point it, POW... and that was LOCKING.

You could see Michael doing..." [guy just starts popping and locking while he's being interviewed]

"Incorporating... stepping like THAT, you know... the funky chicken... That's the funky chicken... These dances would come from Soul Train too. Michael Jackson, he loves it. He loves the locking, he loves the POPPING,

when you see him on stage and he's TICKING -mm-m-mm-m!-

... Michael is deep into the URBAN CONTEMPORARY DANCE... Cause I don't call it street dance no' mo'.

This left the streets YEARS AGO."

Fucking gold.

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I always love the stories of how he worked in the studio. His work ethic was incredible, and for someone who didn't play an instrument (I think he couldn't read music either?) his musicianship was still pretty remarkable. You could see that on This Is It, the way he'd feel if something was right and do it all on instinct.

I want to read Bruce Swedien's book now.

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Re: the latest posthumous album...

Love Never Felt So Good is a great opener in the vein of Off The Wall. Very promising. Then it all quickly goes the wrong side of Dangerous. Bad choice of producers, I'd have to say...

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I don't know how to link to it on an iPhone, but there is an authorised upload on Youtube on the official Michael Jackson channel.

As for the "performance", it looks jerky and unnatural on the close-up bits and almost as jerky and unnatural on the "audience eye view" shots (which appear to show him loitering around miles from the front of stage), so doesn't look like it worked too well as a technological feat. The Tupac hologram from the other year at least looked like it was on stage, but this just appeared to be a video on a screen at the back of the stage.

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I really didn't like it. It seemed all wavy and then the close-ups looked terrible. I don't know if the Tupac and ODB ones were the same and it was just lower quality video so you couldn't tell.

Anything they try like this will have to contend with when they had Janet dancing in perfect sync with the Scream video behind her, and it'll always lose.

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On 30/08/2018 at 17:01, DC Lemon said:

This is trending on YouTube. I made it to the Billie Jean part before clicking off in disgust. Someone must like it, though.



I listened to this on Spotify after seeing it trending.


 At first I was 'oh cool a remix of all tracks' and then at about 2 mins in it was 'Who the fuck mixed this pile of shite!'

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