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The MICHAEL thread


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About all I can say at the moment is that we were told it could be 'up to' thirty dates. I imagine it'll be like the Prince gigs where he'll announce a fair amount less than that to start with, adding more if and when necessary.

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Guess who's holding a press conference at London's O2 Arena later on today?

Fucking Michael, that's who.


An invite to sit on Gary Glitter's knee. NO THANKS.

Motherfuck Jackson Motherfuck Bubbles Motherfuck the O2 Yo and here comes my left shoe!

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My fave Michael moment.

Triumph's such a good listen.

Great song.

Let's not forget one of the all-time great performances (and first moonwalk)


Man, I might have to jet over to London to see Michael live. I doubt he'll last 30 dates either. It's one thing for Prince to be doing a month of shows, but if MJ is doing a full-on show every other night similar to his previous tours, he'll die of exhaustion after a week. Remember when he was rehearsing for a one-off tv special several years back and he cancelled it citing exhaustion from rehearsals?

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The guy's a frail, faltering mess these days. I doubt he could do much more than that.

Yeah, and he's always mimed on his previous world tours, so if he can't pull off the moves properly, he's gonna have to stretch the first two minutes of

to two hours... And I'll pay good money to see him do it.
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I reckon they'll be around £60~70 each.

He'll book around 20 dates but not actually finish the tour.

Fans will have an uproar, he won't particularly care and will fade back into obscurity for the next few years.

Has he actually done anything of musical worth since 1983?

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I don't reckon I could see this. It's one thing for a hungry Prince to bash out 21 dates like it ain't a thing, but watching a visibly frail Mickey J stumbling about stage to give up after 2 shows is akin to seeing your Dad get ganged raped by the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles. My inner child would be gunned down in the street like a stray dog.

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Jeez, I hope he is better when you pay the massive amount of money to see him, he can hardly string a sentence together.

Watching that video makes me feel even more removed from human existence. I want to bury my head in the sand and wish this would all go away. However I think I am going to be reminded every day up to and including July. I would rather be trapped in a lift with Bin Laden than a Michael Jackson fan.

Off the wall and Thriller yes, all the rest? utter shit.

Support act is Garry Glitter, TBC

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