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Paul's Boutique 20th Anniversary Remaster

Venice Cull

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Well, the shits ON now. A variety of ways to purchase the remaster at Beastieboys.com - I think I'll go full fat for the 8 foot poster.

Anyway, you can download the artist's commentary from the site for free, and as expected you get a really deep insight into each track, how it was made - the ideas, explanations of the lyrics etc.

...hang on, no you don't. You get exactly what you expected - a bit of surreal banter about nothing in particular, and a couple of amusing anecdotes (egg throwing, and handing out turkey to tramps whilst on magic mushrooms).

So yeah, a missed opportunity but one that I was prepared for.

It's £90 for the full dose :) I would adore that 8ft poster though I'd probably rough it up after moving it once. A year ago yes, after the exchange rate plummet I'm not as swayed.

What's the postage like?

Likely to be sticking with the t-shirt/vinyl combo as I get the digi-download on that as well.

The t-shirt is something I've literally dreamed of owning so that can't be avoided.

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Thanks for the heads up, this is a classic LP no doubt.

I bought this back on the day of release (on vinyl) and glad to see that finally its been remastered as the CD issue was rubbish in comparison. This is the last greatest old school hip-hop lp, the great ones before licensing and court cases ruined the day. This would of been a tall-order to beat given the amount of samples that this LP uses, but its a shame that "beat stealing" as it was known put shame in the game.

I have just ordered it from Play.com for under £9. I hope the UK package is the same as the US one, otherwise I will be well pissed.

them knew it but dem can't do it

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I'll get it and send you four feet.

It's basically $60 or £40 for the poster alone, but I can't decide if that makes it more or less worth it. And again, the postage and potential import tax hit from that would push it up considerably more. How 'limited' is 'limited' in contrast to the t-shirt stock would probably convince me.

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People - does this sound any good? Is it deserving of my shekels given that there's NO extra tracks?

It sounds really good! I'm surprised to be honest, I expected not to notice much difference, but it genuinely sounds much better than the original CD release.

Also, it breaks down "B-Boy Boubaillaise" (sp?) into separate tracks, which I like as well.

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He sounds pretty positive though - I'm sure it'll all be fine.

Some nice messages on the BB board:

You, Adam and Mike have given so much of yourselves to your fans on so many levels, we are all here for you. Selfishly, you apologized about the cancer inconveniencing your tour and the impact on fans. This is what makes you so genuine, likeable and respected at a time when most celebrities are "me first" type of people.
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