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Demon's Souls - remake's OUT - mindful of the spoilers, please!


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Oh man, the music in the Nexus just went all Phantom of the Opera. Oh, here's a question - when you defeat a boss does that affect the world tendency of all the levels or just the one you just did?

Player Tendency is the one that affects everything...

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It's been quite an interesting run so far on this.

I started with a Wanderer (as I didn't really know what I wanted to do build-wise, and I liked it's starting gear an stats), and coasted through the tutorial. I was a bit scared of the Vanguard, as when I originally played through DeS he would destroy me every time; on this run though, with all my DaS experience behind me, I found him really easy. I did make the mistake of trying to block an attack at the start of the fight - which left me with about 1 HP - but after that it was easy.

At my first stop in the Nexus I decided to replace my crappy starter shield (didn't have 100% Phys Res!) with a Heater Shield, which wiped out all my souls. then I dropped off some crap with Stockpile Thomas, chatted everyone up, and headed into Boletaria Palace.

I did 1-1 easily enough (although I was finding it hard to adjust to the parrying and backstabbing, which both have quite a different feel to DaS). Phalanx was jokes; I coated my sword with Turps and totally roasted him. I only got hit once as I was fannying around picking up items. I stayed away from the Dragons and the red knight though.

Back in the Nexus, I upgraded my sword and shield, levelled up a bit (mostly End, with a bit of Int and Mag) then bought Soul Arrow and Enchanted Weapon.

Before I tackled another level properly, I decided to pop in to 1-2 and pick up the Winged Spear. My first attempt was far too sluggish, and I got roasted by the red dragon. On my next attempt I was more successful and made it to the first tower picking up the spear on my way through. I realised when I got there that I didn't have a bow to deal with the dragon (nor any arrows for that matter), so I made a mental not to deal with him later. On my way back to the archstone I got roasted again. The next time I more successful, I collected my souls and got back uncooked.

Next up I went in to 2-1 to unlock the shortcut to Blacksmith Ed. At the start, I decided to drop my summon sign, to see if there were any takers. I had barely gotten into the first room before I was summoned into someone's game. They were right at the start of the level, having not explored it at all. We plugged away at it slowly, taking out all the enemies (that Winged Spear came in really useful) and picking up everything on the way through. I even managed to kill the spiderstone crystal lizard with a slightly suicidal charge. The rest of the level way plain sailing until we hit the boss.

In all my previous attempts at fighting the Armored Spider, I've never actually fought it 'properly'. I always hid at the back of the tunnel and picked him off with a bow. I decided that I wouldn't do that on this run through, and thought to use the co-op run as practise at fighting him with melee. I had no real trouble dodging most of his moves at close range; the spider tended to only go for melee attacks with the occasional web attack and every now and again, the big flame breath attack. The flame breath attack I didn't really know what to do with; I just let it hit me and healed up each time (retarded, I know). When ever he did the ground slam, both me and the host would rush in and chop him up good. It took a bit of time (and a bit too much grass), but we took him out first go :D

After that I was dumped back at the 1-1 archstone; not sure why, but it was a bit frustrating. So I decided to go for 3-1 instead. I got very lost and confused in the Tower. Every time I thought I knew where I needed to go, I was wrong and ended up wandering around having to scour the whole place. I made short work of the tentacle guards (two handing my Falchion - the added bleed effect helped), and didn't really struggle with any of the enemies except for the mass of souls, which killed me almost instantly the first time I tried to fight it. The next time I was a lot more cautious and used the spear to chip away at him.

The fight with the black phantom before the boss door was quite amusing; with a tiny knife and a rubbish shield, she didn't really stand a chance against me two as I two handed my sword, destroying her defence. I took out the acolyte, then managed to drop Fool's Idol on my first attempt too. I used her soul with Sage Freke to get myself Soul Ray (awesome!), then decided to have a quick nose in 4-1.

In my short foray into Stonefang Tunnel I'd picked up a Crushing Battle Axe + 1, so I decided to take that with me to 4-1, and see how it fared against the skeletons. Turns out it was a bit crap, so I stuck with the Falchion. The skellies were quite troublesome, and they ended me a few times before I adjusted to their attacks. I decided not to explore too far though, I as didn't have anything with the range to deal with the mantarays (still no bow, and despite remembering some spells, I'd forgotten to equip a catalyst!). I decided to end the run by challenging the red eyed skelly for the Cresent Falchion. In my previous playthroughs of DeS, I'd always been really scared of these guys. It may have been due to my last run ending on PBWT, with my character at PBCT too, but I found this guy to be a piece of cake. With the Cresent Falchion replacing my standard Falchion (and giving vastly greater damage), I returned to the Nexus.

A bit more levelling (More End and Mag, and I swapped Enchanted Weapon out for Water Veil), and I decided to head back into Stonefang again to get to Blacksmith Ed. I stopped my sign at the start again, and started making progress through the level. I'd gotten to the switch which opened the timed gate (by the third fat official), before I got the message saying I was being summoned to another world.

This time I was in a world with the host and another blue phantom. The host had unlocked the shortcut at the start, so we headed up and made our way through the rest of the level fairly easily, although the second phantom nearly killed both me and the host at the end by taking the lift down just before the boss all by himself before we had got on it!

Armored Spider didn't really know what to do with three people attacking him. The host and I stayed close, dealing melee attacks and dodging his melee (I'm not sure what the other phantom was doing, might have been using a bow?), but this time I was prepared to avoid his flame breath attacks. Water Veil was cast, but proved unnecessary, and the spider fell quickly. I was dumped back in the Nexus this time.

After a quick run though 1-1 to collect some more grasses (*), again I entered Stonefang, but this time I resolved to finish it instead of just getting to Ed. Having run though it a few times in co-op already, I was fairly confident of what to expect and ploughed through the level fairly quickly (and in some places, a bit sloppily). I approached the Armoured Spider the same way I had in co-op, I rolled though his fireballs as I closed in and stayed within melee range, waiting for his slam attacks before dealing any damage. The Cresent Scimitar dealt hefty damage to him, and he died fairly quickly. When the way opened to 2-2, I saw a crystal lizard, and decided to quickly chase it down before returning to the Nexus.

This turned out to be a bad move, the lizard ran as soon as I got close, and passed though a tunnel filled with miners, about half of which aggro'd as I passed them by. I quickly managed to kill the lizard, but found myself surrounded by the miners after I looted it's corpse. A very, very lucky parry made an opening as the miners all wailed on me, and I escaped the tunnel with only a sliver of health, only to find one more aggressive miner waiting for me in the tunnel beside the archstone. Luckily I spotted him just as he attacked and managed to roll away then backstab him. I quickly used the archstone to return to the Nexus before anything else went wrong.

After that I decided to have a proper nose around 4-1; I found soul ray had enough range to handle the mantarays, so I picked off the first one in the courtyard and decided to take care of the Vanguard. For some reason, I was finding one of the Vanguards moves impossible to dodge (slow wind-up horizontal slash), and he killed me a few times while I sorted myself out. Eventually I got things sorted out and he seemed to almost give up and constantly do the bum drop move. At some point during my attempts at fighting him I had forgotten to pick up my souls and lost nearly 10k :( When he fell, I proceeded to clear out the rest of the area. The pincer attack in the underground tunnels very nearly killed me, but a couple of well timed rolls and attacks kept me intact; I picked up a few tasty prizes (clever rats ring, regenerators ring, and a couple of different bows), made some trades with Sparkly, took out both crystal lizards, and then cleared the path to the boss. I found the gold skeletons easier to deal with than the normal ones; which was quite odd.

I decided not to go at the boss just yet and returned to the Nexus instead. I took the long bow I'd purchase, along with the clever rats ring and returned to 1-2 to sort out the red dragon. I let the crossbow men hit me until my health was low enough for the clever rat ring to kick in, then alternated between using Soul Ray and the bow to take down the dragon. It was slow going, but it only took about 40 arrows, as my soul ray was doing a fair bit of damage. With the dragon gone, I cleared the rest of 1-2 out, freeing Ostrava (again) and then returned to the Nexus instead of challenging the Tower Knight.

My next effort I think, will be to take down the 4-1 boss (using just melee again).

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I see 4-2 is still a favoured hotbed for invasions then!

I just popped in there quickly to buy some Darkmoonstone from Bilge, and by the time I'd done my shopping, someone had invaded!

Unfortunately for them, I was still kitted out prepared for the fight against the Maneaters which I'd just beaten: Dragon Long Sword + 5, Warding, and Regenerators Ring equipped.

The black phantom was heavily armoured (I've no idea what set, looked like Havel's from DaS), with a huge shield and a spear. I expected it would be tricky, but after he just turtled around near the entrance to the cave, I decided to throw caution to the wind and go super aggressive. I basically wailed on him two handed while he tried to hide behind his shield and poke me with the spear, but he just didn't have the stamina to keep his shield up. I broke his guard and got a nice few hits in (he got a couple of hits on me too, but his spear was pretty feeble). I then dropped down to the lower level and quickly cast Warding, then rushed him again and wailed against his shield, eventually breaking his guard and dealing more hits. My stamina seemed to recover really quickly so I strafed around him applying quick one handed attacks before he could recover. And then, as quickly as it started, it was over, and he was vanquished.


My first invader and my first PVP win for this character :D

A quick update from my progress:

I did 4-1 fairly easily; the Adjudicator has to be the single weirdest boss in the game by a long way. Alternating between the wound and his head was quick and easy, and he didn't take very long to defeat. He only seemed to have two attacks when you are on the ground, and both were easy to see coming and avoid.

Next I decided to dive straight into 5-1, retaining human form. About a quarter of the way into the level I found a summon sign and decided to partake in some jolly co-operation. We make short work of the enemies, although there was a dicey moment with the giant where my buddy almost got pushed off the edge to his death. After that it was plain sailing until the boss; Leechmonger was a bit of a disaster from my end - I was thoroughly unprepared, and kept getting caught by his ranged balls of grossness. I eventually closed in and dealt some good damage with my trusty Cresent Falchion, but was almost constantly taking damage from the sludge crap stuck to me. It wasn't a long fight, and with by buddy in tow spamming Soul Arrow / Ray at him, we were always going to take him down, but it was messy (no pun intended).

From there I decided to take down the Tower Knight in 1-2 (easy peasy, did him first go), then Flamelurker (2-2). FL was nowhere near as troublesome as I remember him being, although I did die the first time due to blocking way too many attacks, then getting wiped out while I had no stamina left to do anything. The second attempt was much smoother, as I rolled through most of his attacks and chopped him in the back with the Falchion again. He did make a point of wasting some time at roughly the halfway point of the fight, as he just hopped about for about 30 seconds, like he was turning it into some kind of dance-off. Once he'd stopped dicking about, I finished carving him up and took his soul to Blacksmith Ed, then got a big confused as he didn't seem to want it (I forgot that you have to really mollycoddle him before he'll take it).

3-2 followed that, and was fairly straightforward, and easier / shorter than I remembered. I immediately killed Yurt on freeing him. It's interesting to note that he carries dual shotels like Lautrec from DaS. The rest of the level was a cake-walk, as the enemies were no match for the Cresent Falchion. Maneater was another matter though. Before I started I decided to return to Ed and upgrade the Dragon Long Sword I'd collected in Stonefang as far as I could. It turns out that I had enough to fully upgrade it there and then. My first attempt at the Maneaters was going really well, I had the first one down to 15% health, before I stupidly blocked an overhead slam move, which he then followed up with a dash, killing me before I could recover. After that I had another really good run where I killed the first one just as the second appeared, continued to whittle the second ones health down then accidentally rolled on the bridge in a confusion of camera angle and projectile dodging. The third effort was a write off as the first Maneater decided to just fly about and smash all the pillars for ages. When the second one turned up I had barely hit the first one, and they proceeded to projectile spam be, until I eventually mistimed a dodge and got double teamed.

Round four was more successful. I was careful fighting the first Maneater; I took off his tail and didn't get greedy with attacks, and focussed on dodging. When the second one appeared I had the first down to about 20%, and I retreated up to the brazier. I got a few nice hits on the second Maneater while the first one did some stunts while flying around (or something), then they doth landed right next to each other and decided to do their weird projectile / AOE move thing together, but for some reason they were both aiming the wrong way so I slipped between them and got a full stamina combo on them, killing the first and dropping the second down to 40% or so health. After that it was a simple matter for dodge and attack to grind down the second Maneater, which happened without incident.

I'm torn now as to whether I should brave 5-2, or got for 4-2 (and risk being invaded immediately again).

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Went back to this last night & finished off my first playthrough. :)

On 1-4 I used the clever rat's ring to help take down the main obstacle before the boss, who then fell in a couple of attempts.

So the end...

I went to the old one (annoyed that I had nothing on which to spend the 100k odd souls I was carrying) and smashed True Allant's face in, loved that he was so feeble.

I then also took out the Maiden, because like fuck am I letting this cycle repeat again! The Soul item you get for that is.. Generous :) I was surprised you don't get anything for the 'good' ending..

Anyway, didn't have much more time so dove straight into ng+.. Bring it on, Boleteria!

37 hours on the clock. Started a Royal and pretty much went the magic route. Ward is the best spell :wub: Used the Dragon sword and Crescent falchion almost exclusively. Can't remember exact stats, but I was on about 40 mag 30 end and 20ish for strength / dex / vit

Looking forward to trying out some different weapons on my ng+, there's something about the speed of this game (like the fighting and movement feels faster, despite there being more, I dunno, 'input lag'?) that appeals to me more that Dark Souls. I just wish it ran a bit better!

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I finished my Magic build playthrough of this last night. Ended up at NG++, got all the spells and unique weapons, did all the upgrade paths and took out Old King Doran. By far the hardest thing was Maneaters on NG++. Even with Warding it was a nightmare. I found I had to really wail on the first one before his matey turned up otherwise it became a really tedious slog chipping away at them while hiding behind the brazier, and hoping they wouldn't double team me or manage to knock me off the side (both of which happened WAY too many times). I didn't realise they were slightly weak against magic as well as fire - that allowed me to swap out my Dragon Long Sword for the Crescent Uchigatana (better moveset, range and damage, with MP regen too \o/ ).

Anyways, I immediately started a Faith build character so that I can get the last trophy for all Miracles, then I'll be done. Hopefully I'll get that done before Dark Souls 2 arrives! :D

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If it's true what the leaker said about the game it apparently has shotguns in it :D So obviously it seems more spin off than actual sequel, those pictures really do look like From Softwares art/design though.

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And this is what that Souls director was working on all this time instead of Dark Souls 2, I assume?

A lot of folk who worked on Demons Souls and Dark Souls didn't work on Dark Souls 2. There was a huge post on GAF about it but it was very interesting. I guess it would make sense if they were working under Hidetaka Miyazaki on a new game.

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A lot of folk who worked on Demons Souls and Dark Souls didn't work on Dark Souls 2. There was a huge post on GAF about it but it was very interesting. I guess it would make sense if they were working under Hidetaka Miyazaki on a new game.

That's what I'm assuming so I'm expecting very big things from this. Got a link to that post on Gaf btw?
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