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Ventrilo Problems


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When i try and use the Ventrilo server it is super choppy for me, and it never seems to correct itself. So i eventually here everything, just with up to a seconds break every few seconds.

This obviously means I get very behind with what is happening. Once I was a good minute behind, so was already back to my corpse when the pain and shouts of the wipe eventually came through.

What settings can I set to make it use as little processing power as possible (as I imagine this is the issue on my p4 3gig) I do shut most other stuff except wow when playing.

Who knows I may get a mic soon :0

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Hmm, I'm really not sure what you can do to make it lag less, I'm not much of an expert on it, I just pay for it and hope everyone sorts themselves out :angry:

What kind of ping are you getting and have you tried any other voice software to compare performance? It might just be that your ISP doesn't give much priority to voice and drops packets all over the place at peak times.

You can change the encoding in the settings but not sure if the server encoding overrides that.....could be worth a go. You might be best to have a quick google on it while you wait for someone else to come up with something useful!

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Go into vent and click help then look at the settings for the network tab, might be useful. It mentions a build up of buffered voice packets that you can flush by clicking mute in the main window for a couple of seconds.

You could try reducing the values on Starts and Interrupts from 4 to 1 and see if that's better or worse? (mine are on the default of 4)

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just so you know what sort of pings you should be getting - the server is based in London, so Uk people should be getting pings ~30-70. vent can happily be ran more or less lag free up to about 160, over that, things start to get a bit broken. It's sometimes an ISP issue like Iza says. has this always happened or just recently?

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I have not used it much and it always happens.

I am in London and get a ping of about 40.

I have not done any testing to see if changing the protocol at my end makes any difference, or if it is using a great deal of processing power.

The machine is getting a bit underpowered really. 10fps in Dalaran is driving me crazy! I will no doubt upgrade to some new cool in the new year. (if xmas has not ruined my finances!)

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