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I have made a game. I invite you to play it. All feedback and constructive criticism greatly appreciated.

Rest to Reset‘ by Trash80 is one of my favourite pieces of music. Trash80 provided the music used in Darwinia, all low-tech electronic sounds reminiscent of early videogames. Rest to Reset was written and performed on 4 GameBoys, and recorded live. I think it’s beautiful.

This game is intended to provide an experience that supports that music, with everything that happens in the game happening in response to something in the music. Like an interactive music video. Or like Audiosurf, but sculpted just for this one track. It’s an experience rather than a challenge. Although you can treat it like a challenge if you want to - there’s a score of sorts displayed at the end.

You control a spacecraft as it launches from a planet and ventures on its first journey into space. It turns out space isn’t terribly friendly to you.

You can download it from here.

Rock Paper Shotgun and The Reticule have already said nice things about it.

Conceptually fascinating, and certainly something I’d like to see developed further.
A privileged elite thrust from a dying world, an exiled criminal making his escape with a bounty of fuel and fireworks, or over-reliance on GPS leading to a Sunday drive gone terribly awry. Form your own story - you’re in space and there’s gonna be ’splosions before the end.
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Well, if you're going to write a game based around a music track, it'd be a good idea to include the music track with the game. (To be fair it may be down to my system, but all other audio works fine on it. I can send a DX diag of my system if you like (assuming your game uses Direct X))

Love the chase mechanic for the little blue guys. The red guys bullets are a little too quick for my tastes. Very difficult to avoid.

I could see it developing very well though, I like the idea.

I realise pulling reliable data from music tracks is no easy feat, but if it could be expanded to use any tune it'd work a treat.

EDIT: Downloaded the music track and played it at the same time as the game. It's fantastic and it really fits the game. Had a thought, if you could lead the bad guys into the meteors or each other it could make for an interesting game mechanic. Also a bit of anti-alias, fullscreen and vsync would add some easy and pretty polish to whole thing.

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New version uploaded, including the much requested feature of enemies colliding with asteroids.

Reset 1.12: http://www.roburky.co.uk/?p=13

Changes in version 1.12:

- Improved particle effects from asteroid collisions

- Enemies can now collide with asteroids

- Asteroid fields to be found deep in space

- Slight control is retained when recovering from a missile hit

- New title image while loading

- New icon

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Strangely nostalgic and kinda reminds me of a C64 demo but i think its the music. Well done.

No crashes here either.

Thats on XP32, A Q9450 with 4gb ram and a gx2 9800..... so to be fair i wasn't expecting any. There was one small bit of music stutter that sounded like a crash but i was running it straight from the zip with other proggies open.

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Very nice, particularly like the way the thruster smoke kicks in at the start in time to the beat and then later on the red fire coming out of your ship looks very smart. Nice music too, makes me want to play Darwinia again.

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Ooh real nice. Great concept, great execution.

Some suggestions/discussion points:

- The camera should start zooming out as you get faster, maybe just a little. I felt it was a little frustrating randomly crashing into comets at high speed. It would be nice to make this a little more lenient. It would make tracking the chasey chasey enemies a little more fun too, I reckon (maybe I'm shit.)

- It would be really nice if the starfields and asteroids bopped/vibrated slightly in time with the music. In fact, everything should bop to the music slightly, so that when you're going through a visually quiet area, the connection to the music is still there.

- I'm a sucker for neon glows in electroey music games. :)

Good work!

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Distance 91514

Damage 63

Days 3:8:42:31

I agree with other peoples comments that it would've been nice if it was more

-ish, with everything that happens having something to do with the music. Also, the music finished quite a bit before the game ended. Don't know if it was supposed to, didn't seem like it.

edit: I notice the air counter ticking down. What would happen if I were to leave it running for the remaining 3 days, 8 hours etc? something or nothing?

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Also, the music finished quite a bit before the game ended. Don't know if it was supposed to, didn't seem like it.

The timeline of events is tied to the frame, so anything that causes a drop in frame rate will cause them to go out of sync. Although the only time I've experienced a loss in fps is when playing it on a laptop running off the battery. It'll also go out of sync if you alt-tab out, or reposition the window, as the game pauses but the music carries on playing. I might be able to fix this in a later version.

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