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Resident Evil 5 Demo

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CV was great at the time! Brilliant opening, sexiest female lead, the triumphant return of Chris, creepy mansion and weird twins and an enlightening exposition on Umbrella.

I think it was about the third game in a row to end with someone saying "This time Umbrella's going to pay!"

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yes, that works and people have been doing that ever since the 360 came out. However, like it says in your link, nowadays you only get 3 free gold trials per console (due to people like me creating a new account every time something interesting was released for gold members on the USA or JP marketplace)

Edit: oh yeah I sould also add that 48 hour gold trials don't work, you still can't download stuff reserved only for gold subscribers - but the free 1 month trials (like the one you got with GTA4) do work. I know, because I used mine to get the Ninja Gaiden 2 demo from the JP marketplace.

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