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IT BEGINS. :omg:(e: yeah, 10x7 I know but my PC's bad and I haven't gone into the settings yet :P )

Started a new game and it's actually running without throwing up errors or complaining about my PC spec (2.6Ghz, 3GB RAM.) Of course, this is all based on a few seconds of the monorail sequence so there's still lots of time for it to go wrong. :lol:

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Lol, I'm watching the intro on youtube now. Not only does he say 'test chamberrrrr', but they even spell it that way. :)

Also, the facial assets are a cut above. The guy recording has explored the whole starting area and I dont think any two people have looked the same yet. I noticed some all new recorded lines too....whoever did the writing is a funny fucker. :)

I'll definitely be downloading this first opportunity.

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Just played through the opening section and it's well good. It really feels like HL too - I haven't played the original in years but it almost feels like I'm playing the original that my rose-tinted mind remembers.

Noticed the chuckle brothers as well. There must be a few Brits on the team - they've also got walkers and french fries in the vending machines! :lol:

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There's already a short vid of someone on the offices level, where they're using a glock to pop houndeyes and a magnum on zombies.

The magnum especially looks really beefy, probably better than magnums in many recent shooters. Oh, and the aim-down-sights actually works quite well!

Also, gibs. I didnt realise how much I missed gibs. :)

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Oh lawd, this is fantastic! So surprised by the quality, the voice acting is on another level for a mod, i swear you could stick this on XBLA/Steam etc and charge $15 for it and id have paid it. So so good, and looks surprisingly great at times too. Just got the first weapon, the Glock, and the shooting feels good. HYYYPE!! :omg:





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