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There was nothing wrong with the idea of going to Xen, it was just the rubbish platformy level design. In terms of atmosphere there are some great bits like walking through the vortigaunt slave factory or stumbling across the corpse of another hazmat scientist, that would be lost if the whole section were relegated to a cutscene.

I'm looking forward to seeing their take on it.

ps. They should change the boss battles back into puzzles like all the other boss battles in the series.

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I'll bet anyone here a tenner that Valve have bought the project/team and are prepping it for a Steam release at some point.

yeah, the three big surprises they're hinting at are imo obviously Black Mesa, Counterstrike 2, and Half Life 3 with the new source engine. It can't be anything else!

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I was going to say that, but I think one 'believe' thread is enough. I wholeheartedly expect that to be the three announcements though, although it could be DOTA rather than CS2.

Think about it.

"Dear Gabe,

We've put quite a lot of work into remaking your massively well received and hugely lucrative Half Life game, for free, and we'd like to release it on PC for free. Is that ok?

Kind regards,

Black Mesa Source Team"

"Dear Black Mesa Source Team,

It's a shame there's no-one around with the rights/distribution to charge for it and launch it simultaneously on Steam and console, just imagine how much money it would make! Ah well. Here's a lollipop, good luck!

Yours, Gabe."

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I saw this on Neogaf this morning (was looking for their E3 gifs thread) and the people were violently against 'liking' the page. Somebody said that this mod has been in development since before Facebook existed. Seems off that people have been supporting and waiting for this mod, yet they still want people to jump through hoops before being allowed to see more.

Apparently it's won Mod of the year a couple of times, even though it has yet to be released?

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I really am surprised that valve hasn't bought this and brought them in house.

I think what might be the problem is they've just been doing a remake, which could be technically excellent, but it's not exactly creative. From comments Valve have said about recruitment creativity is the type of thing the seem to value more, they want people that add more to the company than just being technically excellent.

Seeing this news did make me aware of the interview they did with RPS, it's turned into more than just a HD remake which was all I really wanted. They've done new voice overs, new sound effects and music, re-designed levels, weapons, combat etc, which I thought was all pretty good to begin with anyway. Interested to see how it turns out in the end.

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To be honest I'd be pretty happy with just a remake. I mean, nostalgia is kind of the point of this project, right? I don't think Quake and Doom lack for not having an XP and perks system, for example.

If their idea of updating it is adding a bunch of grating modern set-pieces in it'll 1) be shit and 2) never actually come out because that stuff takes loads of time and you can't re-use set-pieces as you can art assets and there's like a few dozen people working on this in their spare time.

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