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Oldboy Remake - Spike Lee directs Josh Brolin

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Spike Lee seems a really bad choice to direct a remake of a visually interesting, nihilistic film like this.


Spike Lee is actually quite a stylish and inventive film-maker.

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it always struck me that

the bit where he's flicking through the photo album at the end should have been in reverse, so starting with Mi-do as she is in the film and finishing with one final photo of her sitting on Dae-Su's lap as a child. as it is the rising score etc is a bit pointless because you've already clocked it from the first picture

that's the only bit I'd remake

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That is good casting. I suppose this will be more like the tamer Oldboy manga than the crazy Korean movie, though there are still a few questionable elements in the comic, for instance:

The baddie taunts the goodie by sending him a woman who has been told why goodie was locked up for ten years, but the information has been planted under hypnotic suggestion so that she can't remember it unless he fucks her to orgasm.

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