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Multiplayer Info

Like millions of Americans Chuck is gripped by the TV sensation that is Terror is Reality. Hosted by the flamboyant Tyrone King, Terror is Reality pits ordinary members of the public against an arena full of zombies with a simple challenge: kill more zombies than your opponents and stay alive. The winner collects big money and the chance to come back and secure even greater prizes.

Like a modern day gladiatorial contest, those lucky enough to get a grandstand seat urge the contestants to spill more zombie blood, with over the top takedowns greeted by rapturous applause and the promise of slow motion replays on the arena’s jumbotron.

Dead Rising 2 allows players to experience Terror is Reality with a series of multiplayer challenges for up to four players via online play. Whether you're jumping into giant hamster balls and mowing down the undead; seeing who can place the most drill buckets on zombies’ heads, or taking to the arena on a motorbike with chainsaws for handlebars, the challenges promise to feature the over-the-top action and humour that Dead Rising is known for.

Adding to the competitive nature of these events is the ability to prevent your opponents from scoring, with competitors fighting dirty to claim victory.


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only looked at the first video - but that looks well shit.

but then i never could get into the first one, it just seemed so pointless and sprawling.

i know i'm in the minority. horses for courses i guess.

No idea how you can say that it looks 'well shit' ... WTF! It's an actual, genius idea! What a presentation! :blink:

It's almost like, damn, gotta kick oneself for not thinking of the idea. Crazy wrestling-style gameshow "PAYBACK XVIII!!!" + zombies + awesome gladiator gear + gore + sexy girls + music + totally over the top American ... Aaaaah! Excitement!

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Terror. Is. Reality - Multiplayer Hands on

The first game is Ramsterball, which places you in a giant hamster ball (think American Gladiators) and prompts you to roll over the greatest number of zombies. To keep things interesting, one player has the ability to activate special pillars that crush zombies. The game randomly assigns one player to have the power, but anyone else can ram into the player to steal the ability. After about a minute, the points are tallied and carried on to the next round.
Next up is Headache, in which you're equipped with dynamite and a few buckets. There are zombies scattered around the small arena, and players can plop buckets over the heads of the undead. After five buckets, you can use the stick of dynamite to blow all your victims up. Now, what's the point of this? It was unclear at first, but we discovered a giant red button that instantly kills all bucket-headed zombies. Those kills translate to points. Essentially, you'll want to bucket as many zombies as possible, while killing your opponents' bucket-headed zombies with dynamite. Hit the red button when you think you'll score the most number of points, and they'll carry on to the next round.
The third game is called Pounds of Flesh -- you'll have to use your antler helmets (yes, you read that right) to flip zombies over on top of a weighing platform. Players can either tap X to thrust the antlers, or hold X to charge. The bodies should go flying, and any that successfully land on the scale add to your score. Should you run out of zombies, you can hit the "Reload" button, which drops in a fresh batch of zombies, much like a bowling lane's pin machine would do.
Finally, you enter Slicecycles, the only game that determines the final victor. The points total from the past three rounds simply determine who will be able to go first in the endgame. In this mode, players will ride dual chainsaw-equipped motorcycles. Obviously, the goal is to run over as many zombies as possible, with bigger ones offering bonus points. The initial first-place player gets all the time the round offers, while subsequent places will be delayed by a few seconds. Ultimately, this becomes inconsequential, as the "bonus round" floods the screen with zombies (and ground-pounding death traps). These last seconds offer so many points, that all of the round (and game)'s earlier efforts go to waste.
"Terror is Reality" is an over-the-top parody of game show culture, and seems like a reasonable extension of the Dead Rising universe (especially considering the ending of the first game). But is it a bit too zany and over-the-top? The immature humor becomes immediately tiresome, and we have doubts regarding the shallow construction of the minigames in general. We'll have to see more of the multiplayer mode before drawing conclusions about its longevity ... but on the plus side, you do kill an awful lot of zombies.


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Good to see you can move while shooting. I hope Chuck will have a personality that matches Frank's, even though that is doubtful. Hopefully there will be some cool psychos in this.

And are those grenade footballs a nod to Three Kings, a movie I seriously love? :coffee:

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Looks like the game is struggling on that football clip but given the expanse of the view and the amount of stuff on screen I think anything would struggle! I really like the look of it, the weapons and the mini games. The shooting looks pretty damn solid too.

Is there any firmer date than 2010?

Thanks for the links Sarge.

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Looks like the game is struggling on that football clip but given the expanse of the view and the amount of stuff on screen I think anything would struggle! I really like the look of it, the weapons and the mini games. The shooting looks pretty damn solid too.

It's blaters not optimised at all yet, so I reckon the frame rate will be uber stable come release. And yeah, well impressed with the shooting.

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X10 Trailer

Peeping Tom Dildo


Motorcycle Chainsaw Attack


Exclusive 360 DLC Revealed - Prologue Chapter 'Case Zero'

Though most may require little more than a premise involving zombies, a besieged casino and a chainsaw-wielding motorcycle to get hooked on Dead Rising 2's ultra-violent charms, perhaps you demand greater narrative fortitude from your gaming pleasures. Perhaps you're a thespian, desperately seeking an answer for untold undead anarchy. What is my motivation? you wonder as you route another rigor-mortis special.

Well, you'll have to turn to Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, a "game add-on" launching exclusively on Xbox Live shortly before the full game's release on August 31. Case Zero will serve as a prologue to Dead Rising 2, introducing new protagonist Chuck Greene (who has not covered wars as far as we know) and elaborating on the events that followed the first game.

Pricing and exact release details have yet to be announced. It's also currently unclear how the add-on will work prior to the launch of the full game -- it may be packaged as a separate downloadable game (a la Halo Waypoint) that can interact with Dead Rising 2 ... and explain whence all those zombies came.


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