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Mmm I kind of disagree to a certain extent. Yes they are predominantly in the dub genre but the majority of the artists who have produced them are dubstep producers who have put their own twists on the dub sound; I certainly wouldn't say they are "proper dub", but then again I'm not very good when it comes to categorising music (is anyone?). I'm more keen on dubstep that boarders dub as I like it deep and atmospheric, can't be doing with jumped up mid-range wobble stuff (a few exceptions are allowed, of course).

I don't know, I like what I like and I struggle to define lines between close genres to be honest :)

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Another from Bare Noize! at 0.53 the dubstep maximises!

Anyone with a decent knowledge of dubstep is no stranger to the intense, and overwhelming sound that is Bare Noize. These guys have developed quite the reputation as one of the leading Filth producers on the market.

Came across this gig poster below recently, though unfortunately gig has already passed... though some names there that would be/are worth checking out, for fresh dubstep! Tut Tut Child, and Xilent particularly I've been appreciating recently in the last month (as well as Bare Noize obviously).


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