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Did you go and see him do it live on Saturday in Brixton? It was fucking incredible, proper mad percussion and heavy bass- really reminiscent of Shackleton live but actually done, well, live. Built and built in intensity and complexity as the set went on.

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Whaaaat? I didn't even know that was on. And Brixton's only down the road! :(

Hopefully catch it somewhere else. I keep meaning to go to his new night in Tuffnel Park. It's apparently like stepping through a time portal to DMZ 5 years ago :D

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Great intro. Right up my street. Love the vangelis style atmospherics and the percs. What is that perc noise you use?

My friend produced, I just released it. Coleco is a fucking master of percussion, few people do it as well as he does, well worth hunting 'Martyr' and a previous Soul Motive release called 'Campfire Funk' down.

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Got a new Collateral Magic mix up today for December.




1. Zaku Chan - Reclaim Your MInd (Intro) [Reclaim Your Mind EP]

2. Optimal Prime - Eyes Under Fire (Original) [Exclusive First Play]

3. Son Of Kick feat. Foreign Beggars & Virus Syndicate - EOW (Noah D Remix)

4. FERAL is KINKY - My Selector (Dirt Monkey Remix)

5. Kill the Noise - To Be Continued (feat. Evan Duffy)

6. Mark Knight ft. Skin - Nothing Matters (Noisia Remix - Ordure 140 Edit)

7. Konec - Jaguar [Cascade EP]

8. Statix - Escape (Original Mix) [Escape EP]


9. Curzed - Deep Torment

10. CyStemSell - Babelfish

11. Phaeleh - The Cold In You (Khan Remix)

12. ENiGMA Dubz - Walk Good

13. Zaku Chan - Blaze Up [Reclaim Your Mind EP]

14. Truth ft. Yayne – Rain Dancer (J:Kenzo Remix)

15. Cotchi - The View From Here (Sam Kinetic Remix)

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In case you haven't heard this announcement yet:


Burial Announces New Single // "One"/"Two" out December

On December 17, Burial will release a new single: "One"/"Two", via Hyperdub. There's nothing to hear yet, but Boomkat reports that the release will be available on 180gm vinyl and CD, and that both sides' combined duration is 25 minutes, 32 seconds.

Burial released the Kindred EP earlier this year. Listen to the title track below.

It's time.

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In case you haven't heard this announcement yet:


It's time.

After a brief, brilliant moment earlier this afternoon where kode9 managed to get #BurialXmasNo1 trending on Twitter, the digital versions have been delivered to retailers and Bleep have put the entire thing up to be listened to here: https://bleep.com/re...per#description

EDIT: Turns out they've removed it ... before I got a chance to hear!

As if from nowhere Hyperdub drop another Burial bombshell....his second solo EP for 2012. Two heavily fragmented cuts of the usual cinematic depth packing in a lengthy 24 minutes between the two of them – ‘Truant’ the slower of the two tracks, a crisp, downwards gazing vocal number, and ‘Rough Sleeper’ a more uptempo drenched in murky atmosphere along with some surprise saxophone samples.

It will be available in physical formats on 180 gramme vinyl, and CD.

A. Truant (11.45)

B. Rough Sleeper (13.47)

My order is with Boomkat for the 12" but given the entire thing has gone live I might just have a sneaky listen now ...

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Reso dropped a new mix last night and it's pretty beastly, the Billian remix of Half Life is just ZOMG. Hell of a way to start the fucking mix.

Reso Red Bull Studios Mix

Track list

Reso - Half Life (Billain remix) (Civil Music)

Sleeper - Dawn of The Replicants (Chestplate)

Distance - Blue Meanie (Tectonic)

Teknian - Raw (CDR dub)

Megalodon - Mercy Killing VIP (Subway)

Hooves - Home and Distance (Increase Audio)

Mala - Changuito (Brownswood)

Maze - White Tar (Dubtronical Audio)

DJ Madd - The Life You Choose (Distance RMX) (Black Box)

Skoop - Make Me (Unnatural Forces)

Sparxy - Gravitation (Bacon Dubs)

Tunnidge - Brixton Bass (Chestplate)

Culprate - Tooth Fairy (Inspected)

Teknian - Zen (CDR dub)

Mindscape - Stardust (Commercial Suicide)

Optiv - Krakpot (Billain remix) (Close 2 Death)

Mefjus - Genetic Drift (Rise Audio)

Upbeats - Undertaker (Vison)

State of Mind - Azwell (SOM Music)

Audio - Leech (Virus)

Proxima & June Miller - Killswitch Engage (Demand Records)

Effector - Revival (Ammunition Recordings)

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I have done another mix, it's pretty smooth for the most part :lol:



Core - Civil War feat. Jamakabi (Shredexx Remix)

Thelem - Tarnished

J.Robinson - Mysticism

Movado - Dem A Talk (Compa Refix)

TMSV - Stress

Jack Sparrow - Dune

Mindgate - Purposeles

District - Painting The Mind

TMSV - Lost

Cluekid - Extraterrestrial

Jack Sparrow - Good Old Days

Killawatt - Mystic Vocation

Quantum Soul - Hark Back

Sukh Knight, Squarewave & Mr K - Tribesman

Truth - Gaza (Von D Remix)

Quantum Soul - Self Knowledge

Truth - Rain Dancer feat. Yane (J Kenzo Remix)

Silkie - New York City

Gemmy - Warrior

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