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The stuff that's splintered out of dubstep into Funky, Techno, Ambient and whatever the else they fancy but still comes under the umbrella is far more interesting at the moment; amongst the best music full stop out there at the moment for me; Shackleton, 2562, James Blake, Cosmin TRG, etc etc etc

The wobble is good for going out and for cheap thrills though, but you can't have too much fast food in a musical diet :)

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The wobble is good for going out and for cheap thrills though, but you can't have too much fast food in a musical diet :)

There's a lot of good stuff out there- Broken Note, Akira Kiteshi, Reso, !6Bit... but its totally outnumbered by derivative shite and generic remixes. I just want more folk to make interesting messy dubstep :(

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If I like 16bit and Bar9 anything similar in vein. Stuff like the track from 16bit Can you show me what head is and Chainsaw Calligraphy?.

Chainsaw Calligraphy is rough so you'll want to be looking at Excision, Datsik, Downlink (these 3 are on the same label and work together a fair bit), the new Skrillex stuff, Reso, Bare Noize... Depends how abrasive you want it really. Samples:




Reso's ridiculous Warmachine drumstep track...



...those are favourites of mine but enjoy having a dig.

Also grab this (free download from Excision uploaded to Mediafire) and see what you think: http://www.mediafire.com/?exlri7rr3wu6pbl

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I keep forgetting what has been posted in this thread so sorry If I'm repeating stuff!

Eleven Tiger's album Clouds are Mountains is really good, a nice handful of styles in one album.



Eskmo's album is another good one, it has a very samey sound from track to track but very good imo.

Scuba - Sub Stance is a nice VA album too.. there is probably more stuff but that should do for now :wub:

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Stellar new mix from Peverelist:


1. Kähn 'Like We Used To' (Dub)

2. A Made Up Sound 'Rear Window' (Delsin)

3. Kowton 'She Don't Jack' (Idle Hands)

4. T++ 'Cropped' (Honest Jons)

5. Peverelist 'Fundamentals' (Dub)

6. Shake 'Drummer Downstairs' (Fit Sound)

7. Peverelist 'Dance til the Police Come' (Dub)

8. Peverelist 'Livity' (Dub)

9. Emptyset 'Red Sun' (Peverelist mix) (Dub)

10. Bass Clef 'Rollercoasters of the Heart' (Dub)

11. Andy Mac 'Every Time' (Dub)

12. Kähn 'Helter Skelter' (Dub)

13. Ekoplekz 'Stalag Zero' (Punch Drunk)

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Ramadanman makes me feel so fucking old. Just look at him! He probably still gets ID'd for cigarettes.


Makes me sick. At least with Techno I know that most of the DJs I listen to are old enough to be my Dad.

But yeah, wicked producer. Liking that track. Didn't know he was doing a Fabric mix either.

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