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Bit of a traditional Scottish dish this I think, it's probably very unhealthy. This was a real winter favourite in my house when I was younger, my Mum made a huge pot of them on a Monday with the the leftover meat and fat from the sunday roast and between 3 sons and a hungry Dad, they lasted till about Tuesday. Amazing with some "broon sauce". I've had a horrible cold all week and was after some real good winter warming food. I hadn't made them for quite a while but they turned out great.


1 pot of roast beef dripping (get it from a butchers, I've never seen it anywhere else to be honest - cost between 50p and a quid at the ones I visit, or you could save the dripping from a joint of roast beef you've cooked, then chilled)

1 large or 2 medium onions

1 standard sized bag of smallish potatoes. Any kind will do really but avoid the "new" small potatoes you get for boiling.

1 can of corned beef or you could add any other meat to it. My mum made it with the off cuts of a roast and that is how I was taught to make them. I cheat.

Salt and pepper to season.

Method is so simple it hurts, you just have to tend to it regularly for the first 20 minutes and the perperations a bit of a bitch (no one enjoys peeling potatoes). Peel and slice the onions, not too finely. As if you were making a chilli or something and still wanted a few chunks left after cooking for a fairly long period. Peel and slice the potatoes. There's a bit of an art to this, you don't want chunks here, once peeled, finely slice across it as if you were making thin crisps. Vary it so some are wafer thin but others are slightly thicker. You can add a few chunks but keep them small (1/2 cm squared at most). You are wanting them to sweat and break down fairly quickly so nothing too large.

Chuck the roast beef dripping into in a largish pot and let it break down and melt on a fairly low heat. Ooh. You'll smell all that dead animal fat goodness! Once it's heated up sweat the onions in it but don't let them get too soft. Then start adding the sliced potatoes, keep the heat low and sweat them off so they all break down and bond with the animal fat and onions. This takes a while (10-15 minutes) and your attention at this point is vital. You have to keep stirring and keep it moving to break the potatoes down to a nice mulch without them sticking. It's quite a fine balance of heat and stirring it all in together, if it starts bubbling or looking overly hot, turn the heat down. I tend to put the potatoes into the pot at intervals. Once they are all in, set the heat to very low and let them simmer. Come back and stir regularly to stop everything sticking to the bottom and break it all up some more. I'd suggest stirring at least once every 5-10 minutes. After about 30 minutes everything should have broken down and bonded together nicely, you want some onion chunks and tattie pieces but mainly just... fatty pasty stuff. Chuck in the tin of corned beef, break it into little chunks as you put it in then stir it heavilly so it's completely mixed through, add some seasoning, I just use a little salt but I like plenty of freshly ground black pepper. Leave on a low heat for another 10-15 minutes, stirring once in a while, and serve with some brown sauce.

It makes several servings and it stores extremely well in the fridge for a good few days in a tupperware or freezes nicely too. A bit like chilli, bolognase sauce etc seem's to actually taste better a day or so after you initially made them. Just heat it up in a pot or in the micro, add the magic brown sauce and you're rocking. :(

Sounds minging, tastes awesome. I'd summarise it as "corned beef hash but turned up to 11".

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holly made this from a Rick Stein book, chuckled as it's called 'Stoved Chicken' and sounds awfy posh, took me a few minutes to realise they were talking about Oor Wullie's favourite.

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Wahey! The ages it took to type this out was not all in vain!

Thanks folks! I'm also making some this friday for some friends who are coming round later on a bit drunk. It's perfect food when your pished. :lol:

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