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Group C - Dressing room


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Hey ASM i should be about at 10 you'll prob see my friend request anyway. Mike tonight and tomorrow good for me then busy until Saturday, so can we arrange something?

Excellent - I will be on just after 10.

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Fattakin 0 (Liverpool) ASM 2 (Spurs)

ASM 2 (Fiorentina) Fattakin 3 (Villa)

Two really hard fought games. In the first I went ahead via a penalty, then Dos Santos scored a real peach of goal. Should have scored more really, but everything kept hitting the woodwork.

The second was a lot closer, with a lot of big tackles flying about, both teams were down to 10 men by the end of it. Fattakin scored first in the 44 minute, then I scored straight away from the kick off, but I was always playing catch up. Fattakin scored the winner in the 89 minute. Bit disapointed not to take all 6 points :P

Cheers for the games.

Lilywhite, and Mike I will be around tonight after 10, let me know if you guys can play.

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Thanks ASM, 2 very hard fought games, I nearly died when you equalised in the 80 something minute. So chuffed to have got some points on the board really. Need to control my tackling i think ive had a man sent off in every game ive played.

Mike id love to get our game played tonight as im out of the house every night until Saturday.

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Fattakin 4 (Villa) Mike 1 (Newcastle)

Mike 2 (Sunderland) Fattakin 0 (Everton)

First game i got a lot of good breaks and was able to make runs. 2nd game Mike prevented them early and made a few clinkers of his own and well deserved the win, good games.

We'll that's my lot I think so I await my fate!

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Mike. (Borussia Monchengladbach) 0 - 2 ASM (Spurs)

ASM (Spurs) 1 - 1 Mike (Wigan)

Two great games. The first ASM should have smashed me down. The Second, I had about 4-5 clear goal chances that I messed up. Fun times though

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Really sorry mate, got delayed big time. When else would you be up for this?

No problem, got my games against Mike played instead. How about the same time on Thursday?

Mike 0 ASM 2

ASM 1 Mike 1

Two excellent games, very close. A bit gutted about the goal I gave away in the second, really shoddy pass from Gomes (just like real life!).

Cheers for the games Mike.

EDIT - just seen you post Mike, was it was 1-0 in the first, I thought Bent and Pav scored?

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Heading down to Tesco in about an hour too see if I can pick up an Xbox so will hopefully be set up and ready to go again.

Ok - let me know how you get on. If we can't get them played tonight, I will be about tomorrow night.

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